Would You Get a Damier NF if You Already Have a Damier Speedy?

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  1. Hello :smile: I have a damier speedy and am wondering if I should get a damier nf. Is it too much? Should I get something for more variety? I have one small purse in mono. Thank you so much!:biggrin:
  2. I would get it!
  3. I have both!
  4. Ofcourse, two different styles altogether.
  5. get it :smile:
  6. I would get it:smile:
  7. Get it!
  8. I would, only if it's a style I REALLY adore. I won't have too many bags in Damier as it tends to get a bit boring, and I feel it's less versatile than mono. Would prefer to diversify my collection.
  9. ^I agree with Yikkie^ :yes:

    I started with the Damier Ebene NF and then got the Ebene Speedy afterwards, but after that I wanted some Monogram printed style bags to give it some variety.
  10. get it!
  11. Thanks!
  12. If you like it, get it. I have both damier speedy and NF. I know what you mean about adding some variety, but you'll have plenty of time for that later :}
  14. I think if you prefer damier over mono, you should get it! Just get what you love. If you really like the mono too, I would get mono and diversify. Otherwise, stick with the damier.
  15. I would get it if you lreally ove it! But i also agree with the other ladies about adding some variety with mono :biggrin: