Would you get a Crinoline Kelly?


Would you get a Crinoline/Evercalf K32 in Ebene?

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  1. Dear friends, I have been intrigued by Crinoline bags for quite some time and currently I am considering a Crinoline (Crinoline/Evercalf) Kelly, size 32 in Ebene.
    I have done my search here and I it seems many consider Crinoline as a fragile material. I can't get special occasions Kellys so this should be more or less an everyday bag (I do have many other bags too so I wouldn't use this litterally every day), so what do you guys think, should I pass?
    I also learned that Crinoline's most fragile parts are where the bag bends, and this is a very floppy Kelly. So do you think it will get broken easily because of the floppyness? And this is very important, will the broken hairs damage my outfit, incase I wear a silk blouse/cashmere jumper/leather jacket etc..???
    Also, is it really so that Crinoline can't be fixed at all? I would want my H bags to last a lifetime, so should I stick with more durable leathers?
    I really do love the look of Crinoline (dear Costa, you have one of the most beautiful Birkins I have seen, the Etoupe Crinoline B35, you lucky woman! :love:) but I wonder if I should just stay away and admire from far. My collection is small so every bag should be wearable.
    Would you get this Kelly I consider and why (if not, why)? Any thoughts, advice, opinions are more than welcome and so appreciated!
  2. A crinoline bag is one of my dream bags. Love them. I would be interested in hearing from those who own one, just how fragile they really are and any experience in repairs, maintenance etc.
  3. Hi Lulilu!! :smooch: So nice to "meet" another Crinoline lover! :biggrin:
    Let's hope we will will get soon lucky and hear stories and opinions from our other members... :choochoo:
  4. Nankali:smooch:I love crin! I don't own anything yet but crin and ebene:faint:A fantastic combo!! I would love an ebene crin jige elan!!!:biggrin:I think it would interesting to hear about the wearability of the bag from others who own them. I can't wait to find out what you decide!!:flowers:
  5. I love Crinoline and Toile, but haven't been lucky enough to get a Crinoline bag yet. I think they are beautiful! I sure hope you do a reveal if you decide to get it!!!!
  6. Darling Julide, how wonderful you dropped by!! :hugs: I am thrilled to hear you like Crinoline and furthermore, you think it is especally nice in Ebene! Thank you dear!
    Yep, I too wait for comments from our members who have owned Crinoline bags! C'mon ladies!! :search:

    Hi Tnw!! :smile: I promise I will!!
  7. That Ebene Crinoline Kelly sounds divine Nankali. I love the look of crinoline, but never seen one in person as yet. Would also love to hear how it wears and tears from owners.
    One thing you mentioned earlier about the frayed hair part damaging delicate clothes, that would be so true. Wouldn't want to use the Kelly with its' long strap, and the back of the bag keep brushing clothes, risking damaging clothes or the crinoline part more. Would be a big issue to consider for me.
    Then again, it's such a lovely bag, just don't wear sensitive clothes when using the bag? lol I can find 1001 reasons to buy something that is not practical or I don't need if I like it. :p Good luck on your decision! :smile:
  8. PLEASE Crinoline Downers answer post in this thread!
    Here is another Hermes addict who would be pleased to hear about Crinoline in every Day use!!!
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    Absolutely, but then I am bais ;)

    I have RH/bufalo vctoria cabas and matching double-zip carry-on piece.
    There is a trifecta spec to complete my collection, but it has been quite elusive...

    If any of you ladies remember having your hair braided, well, it's quite similar...
    Some ends will peek out from formation.
    To address your concern, I think it's quite ok and acceptable as long as the binding has integrity!

    My pieces are still smooth and I've had them for a few years, but i do not use it daily.
    I do rotate my bags and store them properly etc.

    I think for any piece to be pliabile shows the crinoline is 'not dry' which may result in breakage like human hair.
    Or it can mean the weave is in sync w/ usage, not newly woven tight, hopes this makes sense :p
  10. Dear cr1stalangel, thank you for your post! :smile: I am so afraid you are right about Crinoline and delicate clothes.. And lol, I am like you, I feel so tempted to get this bag, even though I can feel it is not perhaps the most practical one for me. I love to wear cashmere and silk in winter and I feel a bit worried to get a bag I can't wear carefree with everything in my wardrobe.

    Hi Katika76!! Ho nice you dropped by! Like you, I still wait for more comments... Ladies with Crin bags, please don't be shy! Do come and share your experiences about the Crinoline bags with the rest of us!
  11. Ah, I was late to see your post Fashionista!! Thank you dear for all the info! :flowers: Two further questions for you.. So you think this Kelly has been used a lot bc there are spiky "hairs"?? It is from 2004 but in good condition.
    And what are your feelings about Crin and delicate clothes? Is the fabric so soft -even with some cut hair- that the risk of damaging the clothing is relatively low? TIA!!
    Ps. btw, would love to see pics of your Victoria. It is certainly a beauty!! RH and Crin...:loveeyes:

  12. Even clemance gets floppy, BNIB after daily use after a few months so take it with a grain of salt :giggles:

    Depends on your goto daily attire(with/w/out crinoline and your habits)
    I wouldn't wear delicate knits in a solid color near too much jewelry that may catch.
    Prints or textural weave in any fabric is better at camouflaging brushes from jewerly snags/crinoline.
    Neither of which, any good taylor can't fix, it's really just wear and tear that can easily happen with stacking and jewelry we wear daily;)

    I don't have this problem of crinoline snagging any of my clothing.

  13. love it would never buy it if it means using it as an every day bag.
  14. I am the lucky new owner of a Crinoline/black barenia Birkin but it´s not here yet so I cannot comment on how fragile it is. Yet, lol!

    I have always loved the look of Crinoline, and I think it´s a very stylish yet relaxed kind of combination. Perfect for every day IMO. I don´t think I would worry too much about fragility but it might be a good idea to get to know if it will snag my precious GM shawls!
  15. YAY!!! but don't test drive it with ur GM's please^^