Would you get a bag just to have/own/display but not wear?

Dec 13, 2006
I was wondering if anyone here would get a bag for the sake of having it as a collectible but not planning on wearing it? For my 10th bag, I have an idea of getting an LE bag for the sake of owning it as a work of art. Mind you I'm only up to bag #8 next;) but I'm a planner, lol.

I am entertaining getting a black/white graffiti alma mm as a show piece. The graffiti line is what initially struck me way back in 2001, so it's kind of special to me. But I know I wouldn't want to actually wear it, so I wonder if it's wasteful to just have a bag I would handle w/ care and admire but never actually use so it doesn't lose it's value as a collectible. Has anyone ever done this or would you do it? Another one I contemplate is the trompe l'oeil pochette or trocadero, it's just such a work of art as well.


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Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Definitely.. although I'm not sure how open I would be to displaying it - my friends look at me weirdly enough as it is ! :lol:


Aug 20, 2008
sure, I would. Although I'll be strongly tempted to use it. LOL. I think the joke bags like the mancrazy will look amazing as a display piece. or those trunk cases! :nuts:
Dec 13, 2006
Oh nuts guys! I just spent forever making a detailed poll and I took too long, over 5 min. composing my poll options and it posted my thread:cry:


Jul 28, 2006
Some of my handbags just sit in the closet and I admire them from time to time...they are just nice to have.... if the occassion arises I do pull out the neccessary handbag...it is great to have a selection....I guess that is why it is called a collection...collectibles are not always worn but, always admired.....I would not put them on display for others....just myself in my closet...my friends do not get handbags or LV....like alya my friends look at my weirdly too.....:sad:
Dec 13, 2006
Ayla, you cracked me up with your comment about your friends, mine too think I'm a bit nutty w/ the whole bag thing. And I can only imagine what they will think when I start displaying my bags in a glass bureau, lol.

Actually I don't think I needed a poll, you guys understand the question, I just wanted to see number wise who would buy a bag and not use, buy a bag to collect and still use, or those that just buy any bag regardless and use it. I just don't know if I can buy something as art only.
Dec 13, 2006
Can someone please enlighten me what the retail was on the Graffiti Alma MM? I checked the ref. thread and it had the prices for the speedy and others. Here I copy and pasted that info. from the thread. I would love to know for my research purposes when I shop around for it. I am def. leaning towards that one over the trompe, bec. I worry the trompe would start me on a collecting LE binge, lol.

here is the quote from the ref. thread:

Collection: Graffiti (Collaboration with Stephen Sprouse)
Items Released:
Hat Box (Silver, Khaki , it was extremely limited)
Keepall (Silver, Khaki)
Speedy 30 (Silver, Khaki)
Porte Monnaie Wallet (Silver, Khaki, Peach)
Pochette (Silver, Khaki, Peach)
Bandana (Silver, Khaki, Peach)
Alma MM (Black, Peach)
Alma PM (Black, Peach)
Alma Horizontal (Black, Peach)
Shoes (Black, Peach)

Keepall $800
Speedy $600
Pochette $130
Wallet $300

man LE speedies were ridiculously cheap back then. What was a plain mono speedy 30 price back in 2001 anyone know?

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Aug 4, 2008
so far, i havent used my tivoli pm and mono speedy 25. i'm happy enough to take them out from my wardrobe to admire them occasionally! :woohoo:


Aug 17, 2006
my little trunk, suitcase is virtually a display piece only, but i'm not beyond using it for any trip or purpose. to me, a bag that isn't used at all, loses all it's value in that fact. *shrugs*