Would you find him?

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  1. Over the holidays, I met this guy at a party.
    He just said the right things.
    I sort of gave him my info. I mean if he wanted to find me, he could.
    If I tried hard enough, I could find him as well.

    I think it's because I keep dreaming about him. Not in a bad way. The dream is the same, always at a party.

    I am too desperate? Would you let it go? Or should I take a huge gamble and find him? I know he is single and looking.
  2. I'd let him find me, but I'm just like that.
  3. Let him find you...if he's really interested, he will. If you really really can't help yourself, try to get mutual friends to set up a get together and give him another chance to get to know you.
  4. Do you have a mutual friend? Perhaps ask how he's doing and see what the friend has to say. If this friend hasn't heard anything, I'd probably let it go.
    Personally, though, if I'm interested in a girl, I'll make it a point to find out more about her or at least let her know I'm interested.
  5. If I gave out my info and they didnt use it, I always just their loss! Maybe you'll run into him at another party or something, but I probably wouldn't take it any further than perhaps asking a friend if they knew anything.
  6. Well there is more to the story then I shared. I am just to lazy to write it all out. He said things that would suggest he was interested. One phone call and I have his info, but it's complicated. I think I am just going to let it go.

    But let me say this, next time someone talks like that I am not leaving with out digits and a copy of his drivers license.
  7. ^^LOL Dating is so random at times. Finding a mutual friend is a good idea if you are interested in him. My boyfriend and I never talked to each other when we first met, I was best friends with his roommate and so I was always over at their apt. I wasn't friends with his roommate just be close to my now boyfriend. When I really like a guy I don't talk to him or show any sort of interest in them, I don't know why...but it turned out he was similar to me. So we did the whole I'm not interested in you dance for about two months. He would throw pillows and things at me and was generally really mean to me, while I would ignore him, he wasn't that young, he was 25 years old. We've been together for 4 years since then. So maybe your guy is nervous and doesn't want to seem scary stalkerish. So give it some time, and maybe if you guys see each other more often sparks will fly. Good luck!
  8. I met him through my cousin. They used to work together before he quit the company to open his own :smile:
  9. Why not call him? If he's interested you'll know. If not "bye bye" and at least you tried!
  10. If you have his info I would say get in touch with him. He may just be really shy or intimidated. You could wait another week or so to see if he gets intouch with you...best of luck!
  11. I totally believe in the saying "When your not looking love will come knocking on your door". Let him do the knocking:flowers:
  12. It's a family thing. If the "family" finds out that their may be interest, the wedding planning would begin.
    The dream last night was so vivid, I woke up smiling all happy and then realized it was just a dream. But I could not shake the smile. That's why I was thinking about contacting him.
    I think I should just live with the dream, as reality sometimes just sucks.
  13. Or he lost your info, or he lost interest. If you really want him...GO find him. It's okay to be aggressive. It's better to find him and know the truth than kept dreaming like that.
  14. I would be iclined to say let him find you, it is probably unlikely that he lost your infor so I think you must wait until he comes to you
  15. I would let him look for you.