Would you feel comfortable leaving your LV unattended at work?

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  1. Would you feel comfortable leaving your LV bag unattended at work? Say in a shared locked office that is locked but that others also use and have access to?
  2. no because I have money and cc. I dont think people care as much about the purse as whats in it.
  3. My issues (if I had any) about leaving it unattended, would have nothing to do with it being an LV. I would treat the security of my purse at work the same, no matter what the bag was.
  4. I am ok leaving my bags unattended at work because I have been working with almost the same people for more than 2 years. but if there is a company wide meeting and every leaves their desk, I will take my bag or lock it in my draw.
  5. Yeah, I guess I just worry that the fact that it's LV draws more attention to it than if it were just a random tote bag w/ paperwork in it. I feel kind if weird carrying it around everywhere but I also worry about leaving it in the office. You never know w/ coworkers, plus they mint accidentally leave the room unlocked. And my agenda, wallet, etc are in it.
  6. No, I wouldn't not at all.

    But I also live in a very dangerous city.
  7. Yes, but mine is locked up, and only I have the key to where I store it. At the same time, I work in a pretty secure building.
  8. I work in an international bank with tight security and the environment is relatively safe. I usually place my LV in my locker or under my table and I don't particularly worry about it.
  9. I work from home ...but when I worked in an office it went with me whenever I left the building. Now if I was just walking from office to office I would be ok leaving it locked in my own office.
  10. I'm only in an office when I travel, as I work from home....i'm usually just in a conference room and yes, I leave my LV unattended. I usually try to cover it with my non LV work computer tote or my coat.
  11. yes because i trust my coworkers, theres only 10 of us including me.
  12. I usually leave my ludlow inside a cabinet inside the deli. So I'm basically around it most of the time
  13. Yes I do, I place it under my desk in one of the storage cubicles.. I only take it with me if I'm going out of the office! My work environment is very safe and no cleaners or anything like that till after hours. Even so, I left my vernis cardholder and iPhone at work once and it was there the next day neatly put onto top of my keyboard.. lol
  14. I work in an office, but I keep my LV in a lock drawer at my desk.
  15. Yes, I leave my LV in my backroom/office but it is next to our front desk so I know who is in and out. I only work with two other staff whom I know I can trust.