Would you feel bad? Would this bother you?

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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    So as I posted in another thread, I was at an event last night at the Louis Vuitton store. There wasn't an overly large crowd of people there; but it was full. My mom and I were looking around at items in the store, and I had wanted to introduce her to the SA I have been purchasing from this past year (the same SA who invited me to this event). I saw him a couple of times from far, and every time we were in close enough proximity to say "hello" he kept walking right by us. And when I say walking right by, I mean on a couple occasions he either practically brushed my shoulder while walking by, or was about a foot away from me (facing me). I couldn't tell if he just didn't recognize me (although, I didn't really look different at all), or if he didn't notice me standing there right in front of his path. (I did notice him making rounds to say "hello" to a handful of other people though.) My mom and I got a bit fed up with trying to find him, so we started looking at items with the help of another SA, and ultimately ended up buying from this new SA. :shrugs:

    I do feel a little bad for not buying from my usual SA; but at the same time, I'm a little bothered that he consistently walked right past us, and seemingly never thought to find us (since I confirmed over the phone with him that I would be there). My mom's stance is that I shouldn't feel bad about buying from someone else, since that someone else is the person who was so helpful throughout the process. She also feels that, my usual SA really should have been on the lookout for us (since he knew we would be there), and not the other way around. :thinking:

    Would you feel bad (for buying from someone else) if you were me? Also, would it bother you if you experienced the above noted with your usual SA? :confused1:

    I should also elaborate that initially we just had the new SA briefly/casually show us the bag we were looking at, and then we wandered off to look at other things. After some discussion, we went back to the item because we wanted a better look and was more serious about purchasing it. At that point, I had once again tried to find my usual SA (who at this point walked right by us again as I sort of made eye contact). That's when the new SA came by again offering to help us. With the new SA's help we looked at the item in more detail, thanked him for helping us, and told him we would need a bit of time to think about it. Once we made made the decision to buy - that's when we ended up buying from the new SA (my usual SA was no where to be seen, and we really had to get going due to another engagement).
  2. That SA sucks. You need a new regular SA.
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    I would feel bad, especially since you have worked with him consistently for a year.

    I totally understand your feelings. I said this in another thread, before, but one of my usual SAs excused himself away from me in the middle of a transaction, just because some other lady walked in. He was telling the SA who took over my transaction that he was going to show her some LE pieces (Cosmic Blossom) that he didn't even bother showing to me. Not that I didn't know of their existence, but I would have appreciated a little proactivity lol.

    Since then, I've chosen to work with my other SA. Unfortunately, her schedule is sporadic because she is in school, so I always have to call to make sure she is there.
  4. I agree with your Mother -- I would establish a relationship with the SA who helped you.
  5. I wouldn't feel bad. Part of being an excellent SA is taking care of your clients when they need help, simple as that. Your SA did not acknowledge you and made you and your mother 'work' for his attention, which means the other SA deserved the sale. He clearly recognized you needed help not once, but twice.
  6. Considering you were an invited guest this seems weird. I was in LV recently (not an event) and stood in front of the counter for like ten minutes and the SA didn't even look at me, just kept sorting papers. I went over to the other counter and the SA there was very helpful, so I hope she did get a tiny commission on the ZCP I bought (my first LV!)
  7. I wouldn't buy from your regular SA anymore. That is just rude. I'm not going to pass judgment but sometimes I feel regular SAs might purposefully pass one by or stop in the middle of a transaction to help someone else because they know you are really loyal and will just let them do it.
  8. Not at all. Loyalty works both ways. I'm sure he saw you, he could at least have stopped and greeted you and your Mom. Give your business to an SA who appreciates your business. These SA's aren't gods, a good one deserves loyalty and appreciation, but so does his/her customer.
  9. Yes I would feel bad and weird. I do not know what to say this is too odd. To invite someone and not say hello
  10. I wouldn't feel bad at all and I would use your new SA from now on. That's pretty rude to not even say hello. And the fact that he brushed against you and didn't say anything at all!! Even is he was busy, he should've at least acknowledged you and said hello.
    Don't feel bad!!
  11. I would be bothered too. I love my SA to pieces and would feel bad if he blew me off. That said, since they are not on commission I would not feel guilty about purchasing from another SA if mine were distracted or off from work.

    Maybe your SA was really stressed and in a funk, but still...it wasn't cool to ignore you. If you are close with him, maybe talk to him to see what the deal was that night. Could be there was something going on with him. If it is not resolved I would move on to the new one. They do have a quota to meet even if they don't get commission. So help out the SA who gives you the best treatment. Seems like it would help the big picture for service and attitude if they were on commission however :smile:
  12. That's so true! I never thought of it that way. He was clearly distracted, in fact, many SAs were quite busy that night. We were also coincidentally in a high traffic and crowded area of the store.

    I just feel like it's so weird to not have gotten something from him. I don't know what to say/do the next time I see him? Should I just tell him the truth? (That I tried to flag him down but couldn't get a hold of him?) :-s Do I even have to justify this? Am I silly for actually feeling a bit guilty? :shame:
  13. I don't think you need to justify anything at all. Chances are, he won't even acknowledge the fact that he didn't acknowledge you and your mother. If he does, bring it up, then you can talk about it. You don't owe him an explanation for bringing your business to another SA who actually makes time for you.
  14. I would not bother trying to justify your purchase from another SA if you do see your normal SA in the store. If it comes up I would say something like; "we were here that evening and I tried to find you but it was so crazy in here that I could never track you down". That way you are not saying "thanks for not saying hi to me" but you are also acknowledging that you did try to find him.

    Don't feel bad - you are the customer. You wanted to buy something and from him but could not so you bought from someone who took the time to help you.
  15. I should also mention that when we had decided to make the purchase, someone else just picked it up to look at it (it was the only one in the store), and this new SA quickly and politely helped me "take back/secure" my bag from the other customer. That I thought was quite nice.

    The more I think about it, the more I feel like it was just the way things worked that night. Under the circumstances, my usual SA probably didn't see me in the crowd, and after making an honest attempt to find him and since we didn't have time to linger longer, we were lucky enough to have another nice SA help us out with our purchase. I guess things don't always work out perfectly/as you'd expect.

    I just hope I don't bump into both of them the next time I go to the boutique..... :sweatdrop:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words of advice! :urock: