Would you except a knock off louis vuitton from your friend

  1. Would you except a knock off louis vuitton from your friend and then use it to be nice ??:love: :love: :amazed:
  2. You know, I had a similar thought the other day. I was wondering what I would do if my bf got me a fake LV bag (since he doesn't really know much about LV and how much they really cost!). Personally, I HATE fakes and would not use them at ALL. But if a person dear to me gets it as a gift, I'd accept it but keep it in the closet. It would have a sentimental value to me but I would not take it out to play outside. But that's just me.
  3. i dont now
  4. if it was a mirror image copy id prob still use it
  5. It depends on the person. I'd tell my friend so they would know they got ripped off. I'd accept it if I had to, but hide it in the closet.
  6. I would be gracious and say thank you. I wouldn't use it.
  7. I would accept it, throw it in my closet and forget about it...and never bring it up again.

    I would NEVER use a fake, regardless of who it's from..and anyone else who would..shame on you.
  8. Same here :biggrin:
  9. I don't know if I'd except it but I would certainly not accept it. ;) I'd tell her not to give me such an "extravagant" gift and I would giggle and blush for her benefit. It's not worth it to get her panties in a knot about something as materialistic as a bag, unless she were a very good friend of mine.
  10. acctuly now i would not use it i would say thanks and take it and put it some wheres
  11. I think most of my friends know how I feel about fakes, but for me it's not really an issue since they don't understand why I need a bag or even several bags for when I have a fairly good backpack:P But if I did get a fake bag I'd probably let her see how happy I was with it (It's the tought that matters), and then stash it up in my closet until I could afford to buy the real deal that I can wear instead. I know it might sound harsh and shallow, but I really dislike fakes no matter who I got it from, and I prefer not to be seen with anything I'm so against.
  12. because all my friends know I collect handbags, they would never try to give me a fake because they know I would know (for the most part anyway). but if one did for some bizarre reason, I would say thank you and give them a big hug. would I use it? if it was ridiculously fake, no - exiled to the closet. if it was a "super" fake - probably if I was just going to hang out at her house.
  13. One of my friends got me a fake Prada from Ebay. She was so proud of herself too for finding it somewhat cheaper. I tried to tell her but couldn't seem to convince her it was fake! The seller had good feedback, claimed authenticty, etc. So I thanked her for the gift and it is sitting in my closet. *sigh* $200.. for a FAKE. What a waste! I could have bought a Coach bag or something else...
    (The zipper fell out when I opened the bag.. I kinda pushed it back and told her it was lovely)-- little white lie..
  14. i agree...on both things! :P
  15. Me too.:biggrin: