Would You Ever..........?

  1. No

    Work for a international traveling circus for 2 years ?
  2. Yes.

    Work as a stylist for Celine Dion?
  3. God no.

    Work as a personal assistant for any star?
  4. Yes

    Jump on a plane spontaneously?
  5. Yes

    Return used merchandise because you need the money or credit on your account ?
  6. Nope

    Ask for a discount in a store?
  7. No

    Ask for a price adjustment on merchandise purchased 15 days prior to you items going on sale ?
  8. Yes.

    Wear a funky hat out in public?
  9. no

    wear funky shoes in public?
  10. Sure

    Drive by your ex's house?
  11. No (he lives like 2000 miles away, way too long a drive!)

    "eStalk" your exes on Facebook and Google them?
  12. Yep

    Star in your own reality show?
  13. nope

    participate in the Amazing Race?
  14. no, sounds like a nightmare

    smack another girl down at a sample sale to get the item you really want that she has in her hands?
  15. Noooo

    Go out shopping in your pyjamas?