Would You Ever..........?

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  1. ^thanks Nat!!! :ghi5:

    to answer my own question...yes, I would

    asking again...would you ever take a vow of silence?
  2. probably not

    tell your co worker that he/she has BO?
  3. only if they were a friend

    end a relationship via facebook?
  4. No. That's too impersonal if I have an offline relationship with them as well where we can fully sense each other.

    ...sing aloud to yourself while walking around at work?
  5. yes...quietly

    work as a car mechanic?
  6. No, but I can change oil. :amuse:

    ....put someone's t-shirt tag back inside while it's sticking out?
  7. yes, If I knew them

    tell someone a price tag was hanging
  8. yes

    tell a person they have toilet paper stuck?
  9. Yes, but I would do it privately just so that I don't risk embarrassing them further.

    ...stalk someone you had a crush on?
  10. No

    Tell someone you don't know their zipper's down?
  11. no

    same q
  12. No, I never notice it.

    Attack a Vending Machine because your soda/snack got stuck inside of it?
  13. Yes I've done it!!

    If you see a person in front of you dropped a $50 bill, would you tell them?
  14. definitely

    ...hunt all over town for a nail polish that you wanted?