Would you ever wear socks with pumps or heels?

  1. Would you do this? I think the look is kind of cute, but wouldn't you have to have special shoes 1/2 too big to fit feet with socks?




  2. I personally could NEVER.....however..I think its looks way cute...just too trendy for me. Plus Im a barefoot girl....
  3. Very few girls could pull this off. . . the boots would be easier to do than the heels. You'll NEVER catch me mixing socks w/ pumps/heels/sandals!
  4. it's cute and trendy when you look at the pictures. i doubt it if you see one IRL.

    just my 2 cents.
  5. The second picture looks good, but really I don't think its anything I could ever do. It's very girly.
  6. Not for me....I think they look hideous.
  7. Nope! It looks cute on the model but would look hysterical on me.
  8. Depends. I would like to try this trend, but I would only wear the thin short socks that are about ankle length. It'd be a fun trend to experiment with.
  9. I used to do it for a funky look about 20 years ago. I'm a bit too old to do it now, I think (not a good idea to repeat fashion 2 decades later, especially when it's trendy), but I like the look.
  10. No way!
  11. Personally, I'd be more likely to do this with big, baggy socks, or even better - leg warmers, worn with ankle boots or ballerinas, over opaque tights or leggings (rather than with high heels and bare legs).

    The advantage of legwarmers, is that they can be really chunky, without over-filling your shoes! :yes:
  12. I don't like it.
  13. It looks okay in the pictures, but probably not in real life.

    I personally would NEVER do that.
  14. omg, my mom does this..like the 1st and 2nd pic with mid height pumps though. Of course she wears this with everything though, skirts, long pants, capris, jeans to keep her feet warm. Now i can show her and tell her that she's trendy :nuts: :lol: :lol:
  15. Love the knee high socks with boots...the others, not so much