would you ever wear a wallet as a clutch?

  1. i saw yesterday a woman carrying what looked to be the the quilted lambskin long wallet, just carrying it around. i've also seen people just carry the marc jacobs clutch but then i've seen pictures of celebrities doing the same (like jennifer garner) but never with chanel. i was kind of surprised.. but then i realized hey im loading a syringe here.. should pay attention. but it stuck in my head.. would you ever do that/or have you done that? or do you think its just tacky?
  2. I have a long Cambon black wallet and when I'm lazy I carry it instead of hauling around my purse.

    But I don't stick it under my arm like a clutch. Not that its tacky but its too small. i just carry it in my hand

    Not sure if the lamskin is different but that's my two cents :smile:
  3. Nah, I don't. They are way too small and I carry my cell, my keys, and so on
  4. I carry my paddy wallet sometimes & just stick my razr inside when I'm just running out to the store or just plain lazy.
  5. Probably not... because I need somewhere to put my keys!
  6. I carry my Marc Jacobs in my hands when I run around sometimes because its got the big chunky hardware and its the quilted patent one so its too cute to hide in the bag! I also carry my Charms Cabas LV because its so decorative. But I keep the Chanel in my bag 'cause its so delicate.
  7. umm i have done it the other way around.. clutch into a wallet...
  8. I would do that but I would hold it and not put it between my arm and body
  9. Was it me?!?! LOL.. I do it all of the time. If I grab the baby out of the car, I take my wallet out of the bag and just carry it and her. Or I shove most of her things into a purse and carry the wallet separately... its just more convenient at times!!
  10. i would carry one in my hand.
    i'm with keykey on the marc jacobs quilted patent leather clutch. i carried mine out like that over the weekend and only had in between my arm and body when i needed my hands free.
  11. ive done that with my lv wallet portefeuille accordeon...the wallet has a gold chain and can be used as a wristlet..=) i can put my car key,moto razor and my t7 cam..
  12. Yes, but only to go to a mini-market or to make a quick buy and leave my bag in the car!