Would you ever use the MAB w/ *new* hardware as an interview bag?

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  1. I adore my Hazelnut MAB but was trying it on with my suit, and the gold hardware looked a little... flashy (which I LOVE as a glint of gold with my normal pared-down clothes, but feel uncertain about for a professional look).

    The company is fairly conservative - definitely nothing I'd want to deviate from the usual suit-skirt-and-pumps ensemble for. I'm thinking I may play it safe and go with... I don't know... my black AC lady duffel? (Which also has bright gold hardware, but a little less of it.)

    What do you think - would you ever use the MAB with *new* hardware as an interview bag? I'm pretty certain I won't be doing so, for this interview at least, but am curious to know others' thoughts!

    Oh, and also... if anyone has any tried-and-true gorgeous-yet-conservative interview bag suggestions, please LMK!
  2. Why risk it? You want your concentration to be on the interview, not whether or not your bag looks flashy. I use a black Liz Claiborne bag for interviewing. Once you have the job wear what you like. :smile:
  3. Don't bring it if you are not comfortable with it or you will always doubt yourself afterwards. There are plenty opportunity to bring that bag out and not necessarily in this occasion. I agree with gypsumorose. The focus should be on the interview and preparing for it but not thinking about what bag to bring.
  4. Hm-m... My first thought was "why not?", but then I pictured it with a classic suit and a pair of pumps, I'm going to have to go with a no.

    I haven't interviewed in a while but I would use something black/brown, logo-free, large enough to fit a folder in and non-slouchy.

    I have a Furla bag similar to this one on BlueFly

  5. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you are concerned, don't use it. However, I think the lady duffle is way too casual for an interview. I guess we all see it differently! Do whatever feels right to you.
  6. well i'd definitely say that the new hardware looks more classier than the old hardware, and hazelnut is a very neutral color so I think it would look great to use as an interview bag. BUT since you are obviously concerned it is too flashy- i would go with gypsumrose, and focus mainly on your interview and wear a basic bag.
  7. Ooooh, thanks for the input on the lady duffle. I actually just tried it on and it looked a bit more slouchy/trendy than I remembered - I may have to look for a new bag entirely. That Furla one looks perfect, but I'll be looking on a budget and in Hong Kong... so if anyone has any regional suggestions for stores selling cheapish simple leather bags, PLMK! (LOL, long shot, but hey.)

    Thanks for the opinions ladies! Yeah, I'm pretty solidly against using it now. I'm dying for this job and don't want to negatively distract anyone conservative with big gold hardware. My MAB will just have to settle for accompanying me everywhere else BUT the interview :smile:
  8. I'm not very familiar with shopping in HK, but I think anything black with simple lines and minimal "bling" will work - just keep it understated. It might not be a bad idea to get a good bag that you can use on a daily basis as a work tote anyway.

    I have a Marc Jacobs N/S Tote that I use for almost all my business meetings - mostly because it's a simple tote that can hold folders and looks professional.
  9. Depending on the job you are interviewing for (and the work environment) I would say that the MAB/MAM is not appropriate.

    I had a plain, structured, black leather Kenneth Cole hobo-ish tote that was the "interview bag." It kind of had a rounded shape which it why I call it hobo-ish, it was not just a black square, if that makes sense. Anyway, that was THE bag for interviews, it was passed around to all my friends and my sister! Go get something like that.
  10. I have always been advised not to carry a handbag to an interview -- it can get in the way when trying to shake hands or you may have to dig for a pen, etc. I have carried a simple black or red Kate Spade clutch instead, which looks classy and is simple. (Just for reference, I have a six figure job and did extensive research on attire and accessories for interviews!) Hope that helps!!
  11. I asked myself this same question a little while ago and opted to use a Banana Republic black leather bag instead. I'd go safe and stick with something more inconspicuous.
  12. Yep, I agree with everyone. Something simple. Banana Republic has some very nice leather purses out, or I'd suggest the Coach Madeline if you want designer. HTH!
  13. I would, as long as it looks professional. Personally, I always wanted to carry a non-black purse when I wear a black suit. Last time I went for an interview, at an accounting firm, I carried a bright yellow leather Kenneth Cole. And I got the job.

    All in all, do what you feel comfortable with.
  14. ITA^...you should wear what makes you feel your best, as long as it's not completely out of line with your potential workplace's general attire. for my first job i wore knee high red leather boots with a skirt suit, and i got the job (i can't wear plain shoes, i just can't)... for my next job interview, i wore leopard calf hair shoes.

    got both jobs!

    Good Luck cat9, I'm sure you'll do great-- just go with your gut feeling about the purse...
  15. I agree with the tote thing...They are best for interviews because they hold paper better.