Would you ever use a fake as well as a real bag for nights out?

  1. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend I spend all night worrying about my bag having drinks split on it or being stubbed by a cigarette. Just a thought would you ever use a fake bag for these sort of nights out and keep your real bags for restaurants, nice evening out etc? I don't own any fakes but I stress so much when I use my bags!...:yes:
  2. I meant my girlfriends, I have a fiance!
  3. no, I wouldn't. I would just buy a cheaper no brand bag for that. I go to concerts alot, and besides the moshing, there is alot of drinking and I have had rum and coke spilled on me and IN my bag. For concerts I have $90 local designer fabric bag that is easy to clean. If you absolutely must have designer for it, I'd say get lower end designer bag or model that is durable. Like maybe prada nylon.
  4. nope... I wouldn't ever carry a fake. I would just bring a bag that I'm not as concerned about.
  5. ^^ same here - I know there are a lot of threads about fakes and whether we want them or not - and I don't want one.

    I would also just take a less important or expensive bag - or just go to nice restaurants??
  6. No. I would just go with a cute "going-out" bag from Target or something like that.
  7. I have a $15 silver clutch from Express that I use a lot at bars and places where I'd be worried about drinks being spilled on my nicer purses.
  8. Fakes promote intellectual property theft, trademark infringment, unfair labor and trade practices, and international terrorism.

    so, no... carry something less expensive or that you care less about.
  9. would never ever own and carry a fake due to what it represents
  10. For me I have no any fake bags.
  11. I have a bunch of bags I had made by this amazing lady:

    Dungaree Dolly's Bags and Purses

    They are totally cute and affordable, and she has bags for so many occasions. I have a bunch of the "mini bags" that I use for concerts, clubbing...and the "perfect purses" and "pretty purses" for other times.

    No need for fakes. :push:
  12. ewww! no fake I'll be ashamed and paranoid carrying it around. I'd rather buy something cheap at macy's that has no brand than to carry fake.
  13. There's never an excuse to carry a fake. Never.
  14. Nope..I'd just carry something that's cheap but still cute.
    I really can't imagine that anyone who buys real bags would want to buy a fake as well..:sad:
  15. I use LV for clubbing... Allthough I does happen nasty stuff to it. It can be cleaned though, it's not biggie.