Would you ever spend $2600 on a lockit mini?

  1. i know! LOL i even saw the nomade mini speedy for over 1000 on eBay!!!

  2. Well I think I'd rather buy a full sized lockit for less $!! At least I could carry it and put something in it!
  3. Not me...I prefer the full size!!
  4. No way!
  5. i have been there forever,lol
  6. never!
  7. Only if I was beyond rich and had everything else I wanted.
    Otherwise, I'd much rather use that money on a red/creme CB pap-those are even less expensive.
  8. Oh wow, that is expensive for a mini little thing. :shocked:

    I would definitely pass on that and go for the full size.
  9. no way.... buy a full size!!
  10. here are some mini mini i collected from eBay pics LOL
    i won't buy them EVER! but i like to collect the pics because i think they're so cute :shame:


    6a63_3.JPG 7c3d_3.JPG cf1d_3.JPG d3f2_3.JPG
  11. Cute, but not $2600 cute, or $2600 practical! I would rather get a Suhali Lockit, or an MC Speedy and a wallet, rather than just a mini lockit that I could never really put anything in and couldn't carry as an all-day, everyday kind of bag.
  12. mini nomade speedy cute!!! price : not cute!

    lvaccess0252.jpg lvaccess0253.jpg
  13. From past pics I've seen, aren't these bags super tiny, like palm-sized? I don't understand why someone would buy one, you can't do much with it, lol!! Of course, if I had a lot of money and had all the other bags I wanted, then yes I would consider getting it, but now, I wouldn't spend almost $3000 on a mini bag I wouldn't get much, if any, use out of. They are super cute, though, great collector's items!!
  14. Gawd for that price, do u know how many BIG LV bags you can get?