Would you ever make a dress out of Hermes scarves?

  1. So, I can sew, and I've been contemplating buying two identical scarves and making a cute dress out of them. I don't wan to cut them, just gather them under the bust and make kind of an empire-waist looking dress... would this be okay, or would it totally be a violation? What if I walked around Palm Beach (my winter home) with it on?

    Do you think I'd be laughed at?
  2. do it and post pics!
  3. Go for it!!!
  4. It would look really cute, but you may want to back them with fusible interfacing. Otherwise the dress will not keep its shape.
  5. honey, laughing at someone is dumb behavior...anyway, who cares??!!!
    Have fun!!!!

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  6. DO IT!!!
    Some of the scarve tying instructions use two scarves and make something fantastic, and Hermes makes blouses, so go go go....

    You will feel so fabulous swathed in silk!!!
  7. I would because H scarves are just so luxurious to the feel. But only possible if I can find a dozen of the same design/colourway to make a dress. I am not a size 0, you know!
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  8. LOL MrsS! You said what I was thinking--though I venture a guess that I'm at least a few sizes bigger than you.

    At any rate: I think it's a completely charming idea, and why not? Very luxe but a little bohemian too. I say go for it, and then by all means please share a pic!
  9. OMG i thought of doing the same thing this past summer!!! taking 2 scarves and making them into a spaghetti strap type dress!!!! please do it!!!!
  10. I will do the same in the near future!:heart:
  11. OMG, if I had your sewing talent I would go for it, without a doubt! I bet it will look marvelous!!!
  12. Thanks everyone! I'm going to start researching the scarf designs... after that, I will be in my laboratory...muahahahaha.
  13. I have been wanting to do the same thing---or line a jacket or panel a cardigan. Please do it and post photos!
  14. kolibriszuka, go for it!! I bet it'd be gorgeous. :smile:
  15. Msr. Hermes once went to a party in India and saw a woman who had turned several scarves into a sari. He was immediately charmed.