Would you ever let your 12 year old borrow your designer bag?


Feb 23, 2006
Inspired by the debates on "how young is too young" to carry Chanel, Hermes, LV, etc.: would you ever let your 12 year old borrow your Chanel, Hermes or LV?

I don't have children. But it would depend on that child and how responsible she is. Maybe I am "selfish" with my things but I would much prefer to buy my child the bag than let her borrow if she is not 100% responsible and mature. Delicate beaded evening bags are probably a definite no. A bag that can withstand abuse, I would be more willing to let her borrow.
I don't have kids either, but I would let him/her "borrow" the bag around the house for play. But no, I just don't think most 12 year olds have the appreciation of the hard-earned money that goes with each bag....so I wouldn't let them out of the house with it.

Maybe I'll change my mind when I have kids, but that's how I feel right now:smile:
I have a three year old, but he's a boy and I'm thinking most likely he won't ask to borrow my bags at 12. :graucho:

But if I had a daughter who was mature enough at 12, I'd probably let her borrow a bag that's not all that expensive. The only thing I worry about is that the bag may become damaged by accident and I would feel bad, and she'd feel bad because she would know how much my bags mean to me.
Oh hell no.

While some 12 year olds are capable of great maturity, all it takes is one slip, and your $1k or more is gone -- lost, inadvertently damaged, etc. If I were going to be with the 12 yr old at all times, I might consider it, but otherwise it's too big of an investment to risk. It would be too bad if my teenager lost his cell phone, but it's a much smaller expense than an LV.

Economic considerations aside, the larger question is one that's probably been debated here ad nauseum - how appropriate is it for a 12 yr old to carry a really expensive bag in the first place? I think it depends on the bag - a cute LV pochette or even a speedy might be fine, but a Birkin would just look ridiculous. A small Chanel for a dressy occasion, maybe, but otherwise I think it's too conservative a line for teenagers.
This topic is debating hard in one thread. I understand how parents love their kids, but I really think it's not a good idea. It's not just about responsibility and maturity, IMO it's not safe to let a kid carrying expensive bags. If they got kidnapping, those parents should blame themselves, shouldn't them?????:shrugs:
I would, only if I were with them and we were out shopping or going to the store or something. I would NOT, however, let them out of my sight with it, like at school or somewhere where I couldn't monitor their behavior.
No. I don't have a 12 year old, but there is a reason that children that young are not allowed to drive or make other adult decisions. No matter how responsible they are, they really don't have the judgement to be carrying a really high-end bag around. Nor should they be saddled with the responsibility. When we expect adult behavior from children, we will inevitably be disappointed and then it is the children who get blamed. It just wouldn't be fair.

I agree about starting a younger person with a lower-priced bag. If she takes care of it, then she can start moving her way up the bag heirarchy. Besides, if you start out carrying Hermes, where is there left to go from there?
well...i certainly say no. but i said that in the other thread and i got lots of (private) responses, saying it's just becaus i can't afford higher end bags. bs.

borrow, maybe. have one of her own, no way.
I DO have a 12 year old daughter, albeit of the brand that doesn't show much interest in bags at the moment, and there is no way on earth I would let her borrow my treasured bags. It seems unfair in the extreme to put so much pressure on her - imagine if she forgot it/inadvertently damaged it etc. It wouldn't be her fault at all - it would be mine for lending her something so valued and she'd be distraught. I really think good parenting means saying 'no' sometimes and recognising that even the most 'mature' 12 year old is generally on an unpredictable cusp between adolescence and childhood and cannot be expected to behave like an adult, even if they are begging to be allowed to act like an adult!
i think even if a 12 year old is mature and responsible for her age, she could easily damage the bag on accident. that is a lot of pressure for a kid. i wouldn't let a child borrow one of my designer bags. with that being said, it might be a nice treat to let her borrow a bag when you go out with her to a fancy dinner or play or something.