Would you ever give an used LV as Christmas present?

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  1. My best friend loves the Cerises cles.

    I'm debating whether it's better to give her an almost-new Cerise cles from eBay (which I recently purchased) or a brand new T&B cles for Christmas?

    Even though I know she will love the Cerises, personally I would feel really weird giving an *used* item as present.

    Your opinions? Thanks so much!
  2. That's a really tough question. It's completely up to you. I don't know how the relationship is between you and your friend but if you're close enough where it wouldn't be awkward, then I would go for it if you feel comfortable.
  3. I think it depends on a couple of things--does she really LOVE the Cerises or LE better? If she really loves the cerises then an almost-new one would be appreciated and she will love the fact that you went "on the hunt" for her. BUT-if she is more into LE stuff, get her something small so she can expand her LE collection. (BTW-is the T&B LE or not? I'm not even sure-it's cute, but does nothing for me--don't hang me ladies!) Good Luck!
  4. If it's a close friend and you know that she will love it I would do it.
  5. Well it's not like you'll be able to find a brand new one now anyway...I'd do it if the Cerises is something she really likes.
  6. if she's really into cerises and the cles looks presentable, why not. it's the thought that counts!
  7. Never...
  8. no. i would give it to her but not for a present. just because she is a friend and she loves it and you do not want it.

    i would never give anything used as a gift.
  9. if she's been looking and wanting it for a long time then I think the cerises will be the perfect gift. question is, where can I find a friend like you ;)?
  10. LOL, you are too sweet:love:
  11. Thanks everyone. I think I will just give the Cerises cles to her as a surprise gift, rather than a Christmas present.
  12. The Cerises Cles would be a great gift to give her. You are a good friend.
  13. no...not for christmas but if you just want to give it to her on any other day sure
  14. i think i will get the ceries as a gift but not for christmas =P
  15. If you feel you have a relationship with her where you can give her a almost new cles that she will love and appreciate I say you go for it (or be offended). I don't think it matters what day you give it to her as long as its coming from the heart.