Would you ever get rid of your speedy?

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  1. I have one but wouldn't reach for it given how overworn they were a few years ago. I just don't know what to do with it. I might want it later but I don't know. I could use the money... Thoughts?
  2. nope - it was my first and a gift from my mom, so it's my baby forever!
  3. Maybe.. I only bought one because it seemed like it was "THE" Louis Vuitton to have, but I much prefer shoulder bags. Perhaps at some point, not just get ! ;)
  4. I dont think so. I did however sell my first LV ( speedy 25) but miss it some days. I also have a mini lin speedy and just love it do death. I think because its a no fuss bag. I have since got another speedy 25 but in Azur..
  5. I'm getting rid of my Damier Azur speedy. Only reason is me and white dont go well together - white tends to turn to brwn/blk/blue/yellow/red/u name it around me. And I'm not too fond of the color the handles turn after a while. But I would never think of selling my first damier speedy, it will stay in my closet forever and ever and ever.
  6. I love my Speedies and think they will always have value to me, even if it's just my "mall bag," "weekend bag," etc. But if I did get tired of them, I would never sell for profit. I would save them and pray that I have a DD I can give it to one day. I received vintage Chanel, Gucci, LV, and Fendi from my mom. They were so hot and like a piece of history, besides being sentimental and being uncommon. Unfortunately they all drowned in a basement flooding. If I don't end up having a DD, I will give to a little cousin or niece or something.
  7. I have FOUR and I couldn't bear to part with a single one. Honestly I love them more than any bags I have ever had!!!
  8. Nope!
  9. No way...I just love the speedy style so much! I have three and I'm getting another one in May (either Watercolour or Damier.) I just find the shape so cute!
  10. I love my speedies. I have had thoughts of getting rid of my mono 30 to get a 35 or 40 because the 25 and 30 are just so common.
  11. I will never part with my LE speedies. I Have thought about selling my mono and damier speedies but decided against it. I do carry them occasionally and hope to eventually pass them down to my daughter.
  12. I did get rid of mine, no regrets so far......
  13. only if i ever really needed the money, like to pay the rent or somthing!
  14. I really don't use my mono 25 much, but, I don't think I could ever get rid of it...It was one of my first LV's and IMO a classic.
  15. I definitely would keep my speedy!