Would you ever get one of these?

  1. I saw them posted on the LV LJ forum, and found the site...
    I think its kinda funny, but 85 is alot to spend on a fake...would you ever buy it?:P
  2. Hmmmmmmmmm I don't think I want to buy it. I saw some cute tshirt I don't mind to get. Thanks for the link
  3. yup!

    EDIT: hmmm, thats odd...this thread doesn't appear under the LV board...:huh:
  4. hehe- I like cause it's kinda cheeky. I like the 2nd one best! It would be even funnier if you bought a real one and painted FAKE on it! lol
  5. I think they're really funny.
    Definately got a chuckle out of me.
    Not sure if I'd actually carry one around though...
  6. What A Funny Site....Smart Idea! I Can't See Myself Wearing One....Thank You For Sharing!!!
  7. i think they're fun. hehe.
  8. That $80 can go towards my next authentic lv
  9. Ya, $80 is too much for a blatant fake. If it's less than $30, I might consider wearing it on Halloween. :lol:
  10. why not just buy a $20.00 fake and write fake on it yourself . haha cute idea though!
  11. That's such a good idea.... Why didn't I think of it?
  12. :lol:
  13. Ditto:flowers:
  14. Hell NO!! Tacky people don't need to spell it out when they have a fake on, why pay extra to let people know? OHH the shame....Get a life, get real LV.
  15. :lol:
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