Would you ever.....game!

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  1. if you don't know how this works:
    -start with a question: Would you ever ........?
    -the next person answers the previous questions & then asks another question starting with "Would you ever...."

    so i'll start:

    Would you ever lie to a close friend?
  2. Um NO WAY!

    Would you ever cheat on a lover/bf/husband?
  3. no

    would you ever say i love you to someone out of guilt or just feeling that you have to say it too?
  4. No....

    Would you ever knowingly take an item that you haven't paid for (i.e. find it in your shopping cart in the parking lot, etc...)
  5. No, I would be honest!
    Would you ever steal from people who have money?
  6. knowingly? no. that's just bad.

    would you ever leave the house without any handbag?
  7. oops, sorry I meant to answer twisted!
  8. i'll just answer your question lmpsola.

    no. although i used to get some change from my mom's purse when i dont have any money to buy candy. :upsidedown:
  9. On accident only! I am lost without my handbag!

    Would you ever have a one-night-stand?
  10. Yes....if I wasn't married...and all things fell in place!!!

    Would you ever go out to the hottest nightspot in your town...dressed in your rattiest sweats???
  11. LOL Hell NO!

    Would you ever lightly "Bump" into a hot guys car just to meet him?
  12. Again...if I wasn't married....from now on...let's just assume that is in all of my answers...and Hell, yes...I may even throw myself in front of it and claim injusries depending on how hot he actually is!!!:smile:

    Edit...I forgot my question for the next gal!!! Would you ever use the men's restroom at a bar/restaurant?
  13. no

    would you ever fart and blame it on someone else?
  14. Yes LOL

    Would you ever buy an outfit, wear it and then return it?
  15. no

    Would you ever shave your head for charity?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.