Would you ever dye your chanel a different color?

  1. I have two bags that I love the shape of, but think would look amazing in different colors. It's not that they need to be dyed, just that I think I would wear them more in different colors (which Chanel never made them in). One is a light beige caviar tote I'd love to turn red and one is a honey colored calfskin tote I'd love to turn chocolate.

    Do you think it would be a mistake to dye the bags (both in terms of leather quality and taking away fro the "Chanel-ness" of the bag)? Has anyone had any success in the past dying theirs? I was thinking of trying LMB, as I love their products and I don't think Chanel would re-dye a bag a DIFFERENT color. Any thoughts?
  2. I would be scared to do it. I think it may mess up the leather or not turn out quite correct.
  3. i am considering having my white timeless clutch painted-being that it is white and can attract unsightly dirt I may have an artist who paints my Uggs for me do some custom detailing. As far as changing the color, talk to someone who dyes hydes first. Consult a professional. If it can be done, go for it.
  4. No! I'd be so afraid. I'd rather just buy a new one in a color I really liked.
  5. I wouldn't try it as (1) there's no guarantee on the quality of the outcome, and (2) even if it comes out beautifully, any resale value is significantly diminished if I decide to part with it at some point.
  6. NO WAY! I'm way to afraid and I would die if something turned out wrong! I love my Chanel's too much to risk them!!!!
  7. Absolutely not! I'll be too scare to mess them up.
  8. No! No! No!

    I have dyed shoes, in the past, and the dye tends to crack where the leather bends and creases. I only wore the shoes a few times, by the way, and it still happened.

    I honestly don't think it can be done. It won't look good after a while.
  9. i'd be too scared that i would mess it up somehow or that the paint wouldn't be even. i wouldn't do it.
  10. I agree with Jayne1. It's the same when people repaint their cars a different color. A trained eye is going to find the flaw that reveals. You'd have to remove everything from the engine bay, sand down the entire frame so that no prior color remains and repaint. For the money, buy the color you want in the first place. To spray over when it flakes off, cracks, you're going to see the original color. Keep what you have or sell it and get the color you desire.
  11. Agree. I wouldn't dare!
  12. I wouldn't take the chance.
  13. I'd talk to the professionals at LMB or margaret's. I know re-dyeing lambskin toughens the leather and it loses its buttery softness. But if you're ok with that, get a few opinions. I wouldn't dye my lambskin bags because it's the softness that I love ..but if I could change color and keep the softness, I'd probably do it.
  14. I thought about it but I wouldn't do it to chanels! Especially not with lambskin. Dying can make the leather really hard and it doesn't always make it 1 perfect color. Even if dying black, uneven spots can occur. Especially if the leather has absorbed fat (from hands for example) before, it won't absorp the paint as well.
    I would just sell them and buy the color you prefer. I think there are a lot girls out here who are dying to take em off your hands! esp. the beige one!
  15. I actually dyed a white Gucci bucket bag that had become tattered and dirty to black. It came out wonderful (not hard, no change to leather texture, no cracking, etc) and I use it to this day. But I knew if the black dye did not work the bag was going to be discarded anyway so I had nothing to lose. Lucky me it covered the stained areas and worn corners, so the bag was saved. I did take it to a professional, dared not to try it myself.

    I have had the same thoughts as you about wouldn't it be great if bag x was....this color or that.

    But I don't think I would change the color unless it was in an attempt save a bag in covering some sins of a past life...hahaha.

    Only because of the unknown factor of how a bag might respond to the dye...become hard or crack etc.