Would you ever check your LV LUGGAGE when flying SWA?

  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I am considering getting a piece of LV luggage as I travel TONS for my job; however, my flights are almost always on Southwest... occassionally Jet Blue. Do you think it is safe to check LV luggage when flying coach?

  2. I would never check anything LV :nogood:
  3. Wow!:wtf: Not even when flying 1st class? Good to know! THX Fashion MIKE!

    So I guess until I win the lotto and can fly in a private jet... stick to the Keepall...:girlsigh:
  4. noooooooooooooooo!
  5. It depends how you would feel if anything got damaged or lost. If you would be extremely upset, then don't take the chance.
  6. I'd never check an LV bag. Some of my friends do it but, to me, that's like putting a sign on it that says "STEAL ME PLEASE!"
  7. Just keep them in something, like an extra, not see throughish bag while checking them. =)

  8. Same here. I get nervous checking just my boring old luggage. Losing luggage is a pain but losing LV would be heartbreaking.
  9. NO!!!
    I checked a brand new piece of Atlantic luggage and came out looking like it had been run over by a bulldozer. When I complain, was told that nothing inside had been damaged and that is what luggage is for...to keep the things inside protected...they did nothing for me in compensation
  10. I have flown first class whenever I fly... and no matter who it is through ... SWA, ATA, etc... my luggage comes out looking like they let the plane drive over it before take off... so I go to Target to get my luggage, and I would keep LV luggage for weekends trips where you drive... or carryon bags....
  11. There's no way I would ever check in anything LV!!
  12. Why would you spend that much on luggage, unless it is carry on? Target or Wal-mart suitcases are perfect for check in.
  13. i tthink u can carry on the pegase 50 or 60..but besides that i wouldnt check an lv only carry it on
  14. I definitely would not check ANYTHING LV in. I would be too scared
  15. NO !!!!! :wtf:
    If you only knew what your luggage went through after it left your sight....:wtf:
    I get nervous with how TSA handles my CARRY ONs !!!!! :s