Would you ever carry these bags, or even buy them?

  1. This question goes out to everyone. My question is: Would you ever carry a "Brentano" bag? For those of you who don't know, Brentanos are the bags that look like rip off Dooney & Bourkes. They are mostly noticable by their BB monogram.
    You can mostly find these bags being sold by vendors at the your local shopping mall or at flea markets. Now the thing is that these purses are not marketed as Dooneys but Rather as Brentano (as seen on the front clasp). One time curiosity got the better so I just had to take a closer look at these. I examined a Brentano purse and noticed the clasp "Brentano: Made in Italy". But the funniest thing is when I looked at the tag on the inside, it said in big bold letters, "MADE IN HONG KONG". I just wanna know would you ever be crazy enough to be seen carrying these bags?
  2. No. The quality is way below Dooney and it just looks like a bad imitation. D&B bags are not THAT expensive and are very well made- by the time you went through a few of these you could have the real thing
  3. I see those around in like every D&B print. I didn't know fakes had a "label" though.
  4. nope..I wouldn't!
  5. no
  6. Ell to the no! Looks like a fake D&B and I don't do fakes.
  7. I wouldn't.

    I don't know why anyone would want a fake/imitation Dooney bag. Dooney bags are pretty affordable in comparison to the other bags in my collection, so I don't know why I would ever carry that Brentano bag.
  8. Ugh, no!
  9. Never.
  10. No!
  11. No, but that's b/c I tend to avoid logo bags. If it was an imitation of a non logo bag, it would depend on the price/quality & how much I liked the style. I've bought no-named imitation bags before, not realizing that they were replicas of some other style.
  12. ummm....no.
  13. Noooooooo
  14. Nope. LOVE the plastic wrap on the handles though (sarcastic), which adds to the appeal of the bag.
  15. never