Would you ever carry a Lunchbox purse?

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Would you sport a vintage lunchbox style bag?

  1. Sure.

  2. Ew, no.

  3. Maybe, if I found a cute one.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Same as the subject line - What do you think? Would you ever sport a vintage lunchbox style handbag?

    (I think this one's cute)
  2. they're so tiny and impractical, which is why i said no.
  3. I would definately carry one. Some of them are cute and funky. I like the one posted above. Where is it from?
  4. Maybe, but it'd probably actually have lunch inside ! ;)
  5. It depends on the style.
  6. I used to carry a Curious George lunchbox as a purse when I was in high school. It was cute :biggrin: I wouldn't carry one now, though, not very practical in my opinion.
  7. It depends...
  8. Too kitsch for my style!
  9. I would have to say no

  10. That one I just Googled looking for a good example, sorry. It's from some website [www.stewartcountyschools.net] which definitely isnt a store, lol. The website doesnt even seem to be working.
  11. Depends on the design. I love vintage lunchboxes and I'm young enough to get away with it. I would be annoyed if all my stuff clinked around inside while I was walking though.
  12. Depends ont he style and design. A boxed one would be better. Kinda looks like a make-up box.
  13. It depends...:suspiciou It could be very funny to carry one but - with all the stuff I use to carry around - I'd need a couple of lunchboxes, at least!!!:biggrin:
  14. No. Not my style.
  15. I hate to carry purses that cannot hang over my shoulder so I'd have to say no. Othwise I'd be leaving bags left & right!