Would you ever buy a second identical handbag, because you loved the 1st one so much?

  1. I just answered another posting and it came to me that I really want to purchase another exact handbag as I currently own, just in case something were to happen to her.

    I just found another one, and they are not easy to find, and I am seriously considering buying it. My husband would not understand.

    Have you ever done this, or would you ever consider doing this?
  2. I have definitely thought about it but have not done it (yet lol!)
  3. I definately would but I haven't yet, so far I've only bought the same style different colour:shame:
  4. I don't know about the exact same bag but I'm currently trying to decide if I need ALL the colors of a certain Coach hobo! haha:yes:
  5. I have thought about doing this, but was just able to stop myself!! I think that by the time I needed to use the second one, I would probably be ready to move onto a new bag.
  6. No I really wouldn't because I know something else will come along and I would wish I had the money for something new, but that is just me.
  7. I agree. Although I have bought the same style in two different colors.
  8. WHICH BAG are you talking about Berta?? Just curious!
  9. I think it would depend on how much it cost. But even then i don't think I would, unless it was in a different color.
  10. I'm too fickle, and I already have too many choices. By the time a bag is ready to be tossed, I am sure I'll be sick of it.
  11. I've honestly considered it...:nuts:
  12. I have done it, but by the time I needed the replacement, my love had moved on (it was an older Coach). OTOH, I do currently have the same bag in 3 different colors. That decision seems to be working.
  13. Littlerock80

    It's my Brady Bunch :heart:. I just remember the first time I saw her I stood there staring. I had never seen a handbag as beautiful as this. This was my first "big" purchase. I thought my MK was it, then only to find out there was soo much more out there.
    inventory 004.jpg
  14. If I was rich I would! Until then I'll just have to be extra careful with my lovelies.
  15. Yes I would and I have. :yes:

    I'm very fussy and TBH, I don't think much of a lot of the current batch of R-T-W bags (some of the best designers have moved on, prices have hit the roof while quality seems to have fallen through the floor and the remaining designers seem to be fast running out of new, good, ideas and many are just resorting to gimmicky-looking bags).

    Much as I like new things, I would far rather buy a duplicate of a bag I already own and love, than have to resort to buying, another, similar, but inferior-looking bag that I don't like as much.

    So far, I have bought more than one of my Chloe Tiger Hobo and three different Chloe clutch bags from the Phoebe Philo era (two of which are the same bag in different colours!). Three of the four I bought the duplicates of at the time, when the bags were instore; but the last one I found on eBay, recently. Unfortunately, the eBay-find was faulty, so I'll have to return it, but I'll keep an eye out for another one. :smile: