Would you ever buy a LV product from CHINATOWN?

  1. Would you ever buy a LV product from Chinatown? Canal St... "Purse here." I'm curious what your take is on such products. :wtf:
  2. they are all fake....i was down there like 8 months ago and guys were carrying arond huge black trash bags filled with bags.....and they would come up to you with a business card holder and it was filled with pictures of all the bags they have....my friend got one to see how they were and she ended up talking the guy down to like 30 bucks he wante 75 originally....so anyway he wonders away and comes back and throws this black trash bag us and tells us to pick which one we want ( they were all the same style but there were like 4 in the bag) so she reached in and grabbed one....we headed back to the car to inspect it and it was like this plastic material and the LVs were all uneven and misplaces and they were like this yellow color...it was horrible!! but im glad we went and go to see how bad those bags were!!!
  3. No no no no no...god no...

    My aunt bought one a few years back and it gets super hard and cracks b/c it's plastic.
  4. If you are asking if I would purchase LV from a street vendor ANYWHERE (not necessarily Chinatown), then no.
  5. Come On!!!! They Are All Fake
  6. I think the answer is pretty obvious... :shrugs:
  7. Out of curiosity, what/who inspired you of this question?

    To answer ur question, NO I WILL NEVER GO NEAR THOSE BAGS
  8. most new people don't know how vehemntly against counterfeits we all are, or that there's such a problem.
    I personally had NO idea when I joined here that there are very few places to buy authentic goods, most people don't know that either.
    Try and be respectful ;)

    To answer the question, now that I know about counterfeits, no way in he<< would I ever put money into a counterfeiter's pocket.
  9. Good point, didn't think of this one.
  10. it's hard to remember back when we didn't obsess and hadn't learned everything!
    But I KNOW I asked some pretty silly questions when I first joined. . . silly to me now anyways ;)
  11. ^aww Swanky I miss the pics of your 2 cuties:smile:

    Trustful88-- Nope, I would not buy any product that I did not know was 100% authentic:smile:
  12. nope.
  13. :shame:Thanks! I figured people were tired of seeing the same thing! LOL!
    Maybe I'll put one up of my daughter:heart:
  14. And in case someone thought that I was making up a rhetorical question... no that's not what I meant.

    I never had this doubt before. I guess it's because I've been exposed to LV and fakes since... I don't even know when. My mom wears LV, and I read Chinese magazines which sometimes teach people how to identify counterfeits. I just know that I won't buy goods from Chinatown besides food items :biggrin:

    I have absolutely no idea why people would have this doubt in their head, and I thought it would be interesting to know where people get their influences from. And I don't even know if the answer could be educational or not :biggrin: nvm...
  15. Oh, and just for the record, my answer is no too. ;)