Would you end early? Please help!

  1. I have a hot item for sale and already have a bid on it for slightly over retail - although I'm still out money between fees and shipping.

    I have an offer to pay with wire transfer for about $75 more with a buy-it-now to end the auction early from a buyer with great feedback.

    Should I negotiate for a bit more and end it early? I already have a bid on it?

    What is the safest way for me to get payment from her? And I'd like it to be quick so I can get payment before I ship. The item is about $800 and I really don't want to get scammed if someone bids it up for more.
  2. I wouldn't accept a wire transfer. Paypal only.
  3. I forgot to add that I've contacted the high bidder, who had other questions, and let her know that I was getting offers to end it early. She wanted a buy it now price also and I asked her for one but she never responded. So I don't think I'm being unfair to hear.

    And also one of these items recently sold on a reseller site for $1,300.
  4. The safest way for you to get payment from her is bank wire transfer - that's a dream from a seller's point of view!

    Perhaps point out to both bidders the recent sale price of the same item?
  5. Agree, you're safe with a wire transfer.

    I would definitely end a listing to work something out with a good buyer. That's as valuable as a potentially higher ending price, because those sometimes come from bidders playing around. If you want to play it fair and square and on eBay, you can instruct her to bid on eBay and close to sell to her as high bidder, then adjust your invoice. Of course, this eats into your net, because of Paypal fees. But that is the most kosher way of doing it.

    My feeling is that you shouldn't be swayed by a price realized at a reseller site. They will probably do better than an individual seller on eBay will, because they have a business to back them up (in the minds of buyers).

    And I would not try to do a private auction war between interested parties. If you want to get all messy that way, let the auction just play out.
  6. I hate the uncertainty of selling on Ebay so I may just go with my current high offer - or ask her for a bit more. I don't want any problems. Luckily I didn't go with Yoggi's estimated payout since for some crazy reason they only expected a 40-50% sales price for my item which is NWT and still very hot.

    I can't help but be a little tempted to let the auction play out. If I can sell some things this may be a new Chanel bag fund....hmmmm.
  7. If you ask her for a little more, I hope it's just a little more. She made a good-faith offer, and if you want to work with her you just make that decision to make it work. A good buyer but a few dollars less is still a good outcome.
  8. I'd let it run.
  9. I think I'd let the auction run and see where it goes.
  10. I'd let the auction run, too- I don't think it's cool to cancel once there's a bid. Good luck, keep us posted!
  11. Weigh your options :smile:

    1. Let it run with the chance of you getting more money, but eating the ebay/paypal fees.

    2. Sell to the buyer who is offering a bank wire transfer, no ebay/paypal fees and no chance of fraud through a fake SNAD claim.

    I, personally, would let it run.

    Up to you :smile: