Would you drive for a Toki??

  1. Okie this might sound crazy...but would you drive 2.5 hours to get a toki bag?? I live in boring middle america Syracuse, NY over in Buffalo there's Metropark and I thought hmm I can drive there. But is that crazy. I've never seen any bag in person before I got it. Each of my bags was a phone order either from the outlet or Pulse. Granted I've been more than happy with my bags but man I would like to be able to look them over myself and checkout at a register for some odd reason. Oh not to mention pay with it in cash so dear hubby doesn't see how much the bag really costed me. :smile:

    Yeah I know I'm obsessed...and yeah I asked whether we were all using or collecting but I guess if I am to have one thing I can be passionate about right I think It will be Tokidoki bags.
  2. Sure, make a day out of it. A nice long drive to see the autumn colors, have a nice lunch, and buy some Toki's. Sounds like a nice day to me.
  3. I would. It's nice to have options and try all the bag on to make sure you get the one you totally :love:.
  4. i would...sounds like it would be a nice day! but let me warn you, seeing bags in "real" life is very tempting! like when i see bags online i buy just the one i want, but when i go to stores i end up buying bags that i didnt intend too
  5. that sounds like a great idea! and yes i would drive :smile:
  6. I totally agree with QueenLouis. Make a day of it. It's always fun to take a day trip and even more exciting when you know your off on a toki hunt! :smile::graucho:
  7. I don't think it's necessary. I've never bought a Toki in-store.
  8. I think it would be a fun trip too. Seeing tokis in person is so much better because you can see the print placement for yourself instead of relying on someone else to describe it
  9. i used to live in syracuse for 10 years!

    i would go, there's not a lot in syracuse.
    and maybe you could do a couple more things that you couldn't in syracuse, just to justify the trip!
  10. Sure, why not? Like other people have mentioned, you might as well hit a few birds with one stone and go shopping in the area. I usually make a 1.5-2 hour drive up to Irvine or Los Angeles with the sole intention of going to Metro Park or JapanLA for Tokidoki merchandise. I make sure to go to other little boutiques down Melrose, hit the Beverly Center, or go to other store in Irvine Spectrum. It's fun to shop outside of town every once in awhile.
  11. yes i do! i drive 5-10 minutes to go to Metropark/Nordstroms/Macys at Irvine Spectrum~ and if i feel SUPER ADVENTEROUS i'll drive 15-20 minutes to South Coast :p
  12. If you know for sure they have some stock of what you're looking for, then yeah I probably would go. :yes:
  13. I would go! I drag my boyfriend to 4 Macy's during the weekends so I can look for toki on sale or returned older prints! He thinks I'm nuts!:nuts::upsidedown::lol:
  14. Hehehehe yeah I might do the drive...problem is I have my two kids to two with me...so that's the clencher. When I called they said they had what I wanted so I kind of wanted to go see them. I'll have to ponder this more...hubby is out of town tomorrow night.
  15. I've done a drive a bit shorter than that (its around 2 hours with traffic) to go to the outlet, so its totally justifiable! Make a day out of it, find out what the other stores are in the area that you would like to go to.

    I've also driven around 45 minutes to various malls in NJ just to go to certain stores :yes: