Would you donate your 'wall flower' bags to charity?

  1. How many bags do you have that you have not used for past last six months?

    I have 19 such bags, all high end designer. I feel a bit guilty about it and am hoping that the PF member who was going to try to raise money for Dafur does so, so I can donate my bags towards this.

    Would you donate some of your bags to a worthy cause? Which charity would you choose?
  2. Yes...maybe at a women's shelter. I'm sure those ladies don't have much. I'll look in to this. Thanks for the idea!
  3. Great idea, Rose. I don't have any wallflower bags, though. But if I did have some, the charity of my choice would be an animal shelter.
  4. I give all my clothes etc to a woman shelter. Many times these ladies have to flee their home with nothing.
    But the suggestions here are wonderful!