Would You Donate Your Birkin To Charity?

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  1. My aunt sits on a charity committee and they'll be hosting a charity auction soon to raise funds. My aunt was asked if she would like to donate her beloved Birkin 35 and put it up for auction :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    She came to my place panic striken and absolutely moaning and groaning...all the ladies on the committee are asked to do so....which led me to think - would I be able to do the same? Would you?

    Would you give up your most beloved Birkin/Kelly for a charity cause??? And don't even suggest replacing your Birkin/Kelly with the equivalent amount of cash, that's the sucker's way out :P IT HAS TO BE THE BAG. Gosh, life is tough ain't it??
  2. only if I was the charity cause...............just kidding! :P
  3. ^^ LOL

    I wouldn't.... seriously.. i would donate something of more value but not a birkin!!
  4. I'd like to say I would be able to...but I know I wouldn't! Seriously if I had a Birkin I'd be like in LOTR...my precioussss. ;) :sweatdrop:
  5. :wtf: I can't imagine anyone asking someone to donate their Birkin or really anything specific like that...odd.
  6. Why does it have to be a Birkin/Kelly exclusively? If it were an Hermes Charity Auction, I would understand...is it because it would generate the most money? What about jewelry? You mean all the ladies on the committee have Birkins/Kellys?

    I would donate mine as long as it wasn't a sentimental gift and I had more than one. Also, it would depend on the charity. HIV meds. for Africa YES...for a new Country club wing ...NO.

    I attended a similar charity auction in Palm Beach FL. Joan Rivers was the MC...

    I think the more interesting question here is, will your Aunt donate hers? Asking us is hypothetical...but she really does have to make the decision.
  7. At this point in my life, I would make an alternate donation if it was a charity I supported.

    (Unless I had several bags and one or more did not get out of the closet much...)

    (Unless it was quite easy for me to replace the bag.)

    (Unless I had a relationship with Mr. Lau...would assume bag replacement was "easy" in this case.)

  8. It's a charity foundation started by a group of ladies, all bag lovers like us. And they choose how to allocate their funds each year and choose a specific cause to donate the funds to. They mainly help women and young girls who need financial aid or come from broken familes or are rape victims. So being bag lovers, I guess that's a very logical jump - sacrifice something of value to themselves to help others. Nothing odd about that I thought??
  9. I would be offended if I was asked to donate a specific personal item. The point of a donation to a charity auction is that the GIVER decides what to donate.
    As for whether I would donate a birkin, well, my nieces already have dibs on them when I die, so I guess the answer is, no.
  10. They have done the junkyard auctions, jewelry auctions, garage sales, aniques/paintings/home decor pieces auctions etc over the years, even drama plays and dinners so they are really short of ideas now. And let's face it, it's not easy asking people to donate.

    I actually think it's a very novel idea given the committe members are all women who love bags and who love to contribute to society. And I think seeing how well those croc Birkins and Kellys are doing on eBay auctions, I wouldn't be surprised if someone suggested that idea during one of their committee meetings.

    I would think my aunt would eventually donate one of her better-condition ones to help those less fortunate. It's just which one to pick. I don't envy her frankly :sad: And I hope to God she doesn't ask me too <gasp, sheepish> I can't imagine giving up any of my babies to anyone else :sad:
  11. OK SoCal who IS Mr Lau?????? :confused1:
  12. I think it's a little presumptuous to ask for a Birkin or Kelly specifically. I agree that donating and charity is making a little sacrifice but it comes from the heart, not just from what other people say. If someone was like, donate your Louis Groom Cles, I'm lacking something Hermes, I'd be like not really but I'd donate something of similar origin that maybe isn't as precious but still generous. The Birkin and Kelly are both luxurious but that doesn't mean it has to go up on the chopping block first.

  13. ^^ LOL There should be a thread dedicated to Mr. Lau.. a sticky maybe :roflmfao:
  14. I would be uncomfortable with the request. The giver decides what to give and when. I would donate my Mercedes before I donated any of my Hermes bags. At least I can go around the corner and replace it on the spot!
  15. GF or Fedsu could explain so much better than I...Mr. Lau is a VIP with Hermes...also a man who likes women (lots of them or has had several over the years)...several references on board to relationship between "servicing" or "dating" Mr. Lau (hmmm...not a handsome man IMO) and extensive H collections...