Would you do this?

  1. Would you get the same bag in 3 different colors or is that just insane?

    I have the Legacy shoulder bag in plum suede and was able to buy a whiskey one at the outlet last week, so now I have two. However, I am loving the pond color and was considering getting the shoulder bag in pond before I got the whiskey one. Is it nuts to have the same bag in 3 different colors?
  2. if you love it, get it.
  3. well...if you really love the bag that much, go for it. but, honestly, i think 2 should be plenty.
  4. That's something I would do. When I find something I love, I buy multiples....at least there are different colors.
  5. ^^^I've actually never bought multiples before - that's part of my hang up. I can justify the whiskey one well enough - the other one is suede and purple, so it's not an everyday bag, but I'm thinking getting it again might just be overkill. Like kallison said, 2 might just be enough . . .

    The other thing I'm considering doing is getting the wristlet in pond and instead of another big bag, getting the zoey clutch in white. Might be a bit smarter actually.

    If only all of life's decisions were like this!

    Thanks for the opinions everyone! Keep 'em coming!
  6. Maybe find something else you really like and get itin the pond color.

    Good Luck!
  7. If you are really loving the pond color, could you possibly sell/return one of the other legacy bags?? I think 2 is a pretty good number, but if you feel like you cant live without the 3rd, and you love all 3 and will use them, then go for it!!:yahoo:
  8. If you like another one of the Legacy bags in pond, I'd get that instead. If not, I'd get the same bag in pond. Having 3 of the same bag in different colors isn't a bad thing, if you love the style and will use all the bags. I would do it.
  9. If you feel that it is classic, then go for it. I'm still buying staples, so I haven't given it a thought, but I could probably see myself having two bals in the same shape and ifferent colors. so there shouldn't be a problem if you love it. just don't OD on it too quickly, so then you don't fall out of love on all three, maybe give it a little time?
  10. newaddiction - returning is really not an option - the whiskey one was "as is" at the outlet, and I've used the other one. I could sell one of them, but really do love them and at this point really do see them as 2 different bags.

    Bethy - that's why I'm considering the wristlet. I love the styling of the satchel, but am not sure it would work for me (and don't know if I'd use it enough to justify the price) and I don't see any other styles that are available in pond (I suppose the Ali may be, but try as I might, I can't get myself to love the Ali as much as the shoulder style).

    I think it's the usage factor - I can get use out of the 2 I have b/c they pretty much get worn for different outfits/weather, etc. but the pond would probably be used the same way as the whiskey . . .

    Thanks again everyone!
  11. I have the same bag in two different colors. If you find a style that you love why not enjoy it in two different colors?
  12. If its your favorite style and you could see getting a lot of use out of them I say go for it. I am pondering the black shoulder bag as this whiskey one has really fullfilled my daily bag needs.
  13. I was thinking about this and the red tote I just got... I'd totally get the same bag in black or teal. I love it, and I'd wear them with different things.
  14. You know I am considering the same thing...I want the white/khaki sig version. I think this is one of the best bags out there right now.
  15. If you really like the color then get it.