Would you do this to your vernis???

  1. hi girls...would you do this to your bag??? i have this baby blue vernis houston and i haven't been using it because of the discoloration :sad: i bought a baby blue colored bag and i want to use a blue bag not a yellowish greenish blue bag :sad:


    i saw that the part near the zipper has flaked off so i thought...what if i scrape all the plastic so i can reveal the real color of my bag??? hmmm....


    so i did...



    i'm not finished yet but i really liked the way it turned out....it's not as shiny but the leather underneath is soft and not really as matte as i thought it would be...

  2. wow, that's so weird. how did a baby blue bag get so discolored anyway?
  3. Woah. you're one brave girl. :biggrin:

    But yea, I like the after effect. It's WAY better than a greenish blue bag. :smile: Great job!
  4. Oh my! You were pretty brave to do that!! I sure like the blue color, though!!
  5. WOW....:shocked:
  6. Wow that turned out really nice! How did it get that greenish color in the first place anyways? I hope it will stay nice after you peeled it now but at least you will get some use out of it since it's blue again.
  7. Your bag is looking great. You're brave to try this .. but i'm sure you're more happy now with the color.

  8. thanks for the support girls! :smile:

    i really don't know how it got that discolored...maybe because it's so hot and humid here...not sure...

    but i am sure glad i made the move...maybe i can polish it or something after i've scraped off all the yellow plastic :smile:

    i'm happy that i have a baby blue bag again ;)
  9. I think it looks really cool!! It's nice light green color. As long as the leather doesn't get damaged, I don't think it will be a problem. It is your bag, but reinvented.:tup:
  10. I think it looks much better. I'd love to see another pic when it's finished.
  11. I think the blue is wayyy prettier!
  12. wow, I didnt know that you could do this. What have you been using to scrape it off ??. It does look better its normal baby blue and the part that you scraped off looks like new :nuts:
  13. The baby blue didn't discolor it was the outer coating that turned yellow and gave her bag the greenish tone.Exposure to heat and sunlight will create this problem over time.
  14. it really feels like i have a new bag :yes:

    i've been using old cards (credit cards and discount cards) to scrape the plastic...it's really easy but you have to be gentle and patient so you won't scratch the leather. :sweatdrop:
  15. Yea. Louis Vuitton Bags tend to be in slightly worse condition in Asia due to the hot and humid weather. :sad: