Would YOU do THIS to your bag?

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  1. I have to admit, it IS pretty! :wtf:
    It is an older Coach, but is it authentic? It has the bullseye (from outlet), but I've seen hand painted LV's that were fake, so this kinda throws me off!:weird:

    Blk Leather Coach Purse/Tote with Handpainted Ballerina
    Item number: 320075572475.
  2. i kind of like it! i wouldnt use it or buy it, but i like it.

    i cant tell you about authenticity though... im garbage at that.
  3. where can i c it
  4. It's on eBay.
    Item #320075572475.

  5. ooh nevermindd lol
  6. That ballerina looks scary!
  7. there's a reason degas is a famous painter and not this person, lol.
  8. If you are an artist, I think sticking to paper or canvas (but not expensive handbags) is your best bet.
  9. Wow... :wtf:

    If someone wants to decorate their girls, fine...

    I would never do that.
  10. Bag looks Authentic to me. I have that exact bag but in brown. Creed looks like mine, other than I didn't get mine at an outlet.....Not sure I am feeling the paint job though.
  11. Yeah, its definately unique!
  12. WOW I can see doing that to a KMart bag but a COACH. I put it on my watch list I'm interested to see what it goes for
  13. :yucky: That is beyond tacky.
  14. if i had two bags of the same kind,i might.lol!
  15. My guess is the artwork covers up a stain or 2 or 3... I have seen others on eBay with artwork.