Would you do this if you were me?

  1. HI...
    I am thinking about selling all of my other Designer handbags to raise funds for more Balenciaga bags, acc's, etc... so I would strictly own nothing but Balenciaga. The reason I am having a hard time making up my mind is... I do love other designer as well but want more and more of Balenciaga. I could sell all of my Coach handbags and acc's to fund a few more bags and acc's in Balenciaga. I own 3 Balenciaga bags as of right now. I think I would be fine in letting go of the others but I am leaning on you guys as I don't want any regrets.
    Could/Would you please give me your input on this? Would you go for it and collect one designer or would you keep a mixture? I guess, I should not want so much, HUH? :p
    Thanks :heart:
  2. Well, I only own Bbags and I don't regret only owning one designer. But if you still like some of your other designer bags why don't you just scale down and just keep the ones you can't live without and sell the rest to fund more BBags. I know it's hard because I'm doing the same thing right now with some of my BBags but just think about owning the bags you absolutely LOVE!!!!!
  3. Go with your gut. That said, I would sell them all. Aside from Balenciaga, I believe every girl should have

    * LV speedy monogram (very Audrey Hepburn)
    * Chanel black reissue 2.55
    * Hermes Birkin or Kelly

    If you are feeling Balenciaga right now girlfriend, sell baby, sell!
  4. I have to agree...I think you should sell, I own mostly balenciagas and just held on to a few of my Louis Vuittons! That being said I rarely carry anything other than a Balenciaga (unless I am afraid I am going to be hard on my handbag, in which case I grab my Louis)
  5. ^^^I agree!!!
    Shasta-I have the balenciagas, the LV 35 mono speedy, & the black 2.55 chanel. I'm only missing the birkin!!!
  6. ^^I agree w/Shasta! In addition to my bbags, I have two of the three must-have classics on her list (alas, no Hermes at this point!)
  7. Oh T, you know how I feel on this matter: I sold ALL my bags for a BBag collection of my dreams :heart:

    Go for it!! :flowers:
  8. HI... I have the LV Speedy 25 and LOVE LOVE IT!!! Well one out of three isn't too bad....lol :lol:
  9. i now want to let all my other bags go as soon as i can (selling is not my luck) so i can get funds for my magenta 08 (if i have enough money)

    if you have the money to buy more bbags and love the other designer -then keep it
    if you have money, but love Bbag so much over the others, then let them go to new homes that love them more
    if you have no fund right now and want a bbag so much, then def. let the others go ASAP -- Bbabies are waiting to be adopted
  10. That's what I'm doing right now! :lol: I'm selling all my LV's except for my Speedy 25 and Musette GM to fund more Bbags. Good Luck!
  11. seems like everyone grab LV for a hard working day huh?
    in someway, i can say that i "disrespect" my LV - compare to BBABIES
  12. I might go against the crowd here:boxing::upsidedown: but I think it's great to keep a variety. When I first fell in love with Bal I went a bid crazy bought 7 bags in about 2 or three months I know that's not a lot in comparision with others but a lot when it comes to me (upbringing, finances etc...) and I realized that I bought the bags without enjoying every bag as much as I know I can if being wiser, less compulsive.I didn't sell any other bags but after my "sprint" I felt I needed variety again, sold one ore two b-bags bought a Chloé or (two) a fendi etc....now I am back here.

    B-bags are very addictive and this subforum really feeds the addicting so make shure that this is what you want and not what others do.

    Now I would sell some,the once you don't like as much buy one or two more b-bags but not let go of everything.

    But that's just boring old me.
  13. sell them. I am in the same boat, all I want is bbags and have started selling off my other brands to fund more bbag purchases. go for it..
  14. nah, you are not boring, you were prtty naughty with that addiction back then:p
  15. I'm in complete agreement with this post. I intend to reduce my Mulberry, Chloe and Balenciaga holdings a bit, favouring keeping more B-bags, but not to purge any of them completely.