Would you do the same thing I did?

  1. Hi. I am sort of new here but I am enjoying this forum and have learned many things about LV. I am just wondering if you would do the same thing I did.

    I had been pondering for quite some time which LV I should buy. Too many good choices!!! I have narrowed down my choices to two: Damier Saleya PM and Epi Petit Noe in red. Since I couldn't make up my mind, I was then planning to buy one in Feb or March and the other later in the year. However, once I heard about the price increase (thx for the info), I jumped on elux and bought these two items today (along with a lipstick/lip gloss set to get a free shipping). I am very happy and very excited about the purchase and glad that I was very decisive (under the price increase pressure, of course).

    Are you planning to do the same thing I just did?
  2. Well if I find out the there will be a price increase in Canada also, I will be getting a bag this weekend!
  3. I am going to Saks this weekend...but I am really waiting for Feb 1
  4. yes, i would like to know this as well! :crybaby:
  5. wow u did good :biggrin:. i might do it if i'm positively sure of the 2 bags i'll be getting (i'm very fickled minded lol). u can always keep one of the bag till end of year to make it's debut so all things are still according to initial plan + u save $ for more future LV :graucho:.
  6. Way ahead of you darling. I have been on a non stop LV spree since about Nov.
  7. If I was planning on getting the items and had the money I would definitely get them before the price increase!
  8. Thanks. In fact I feel like the pressure is off at least for a while.
  9. No, I'm waiting for the hearts to come out. Nothing else is really catching my eye. I'm content with my collection.
  10. Actually it's interesting. Yesterday I have got an offer to serve as a consultant for a training course. So yeah there is an extra $$$ for me to buy these purses. I guess both were meant to be mine ;)
  11. ^^ I just got some extra money too for a week-long contract I just finished so thats why im going for it + a store credit from another item at LV!
  12. way to go!!! Congrats on your purchase.
  13. congrats. Hope u have fun shopping.
  14. I just got my Tivoli PM this week. I would also buy the Galliera and Montorgueil before the increase. Alas, they won't be released until March/April. :s
  15. I also love tivoli pm. Tivoli is in the top 5 in my wish list. It didn't make it to the top two because it wasn't available online. Congrats on your purchase though.