Would you do it???

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  1. I currently have a Balenciaga up for sale on an auction. A buyer has expressed interest a lot of interest in it and she seems very genuine. My concerns are she is new to both (the two big) online auction places so no feedback whatsoever. And her account with PayPal is also new, so non-verified. She seems very nice and is trying to help resolve this. I would obviously mail with a confirmed delivery and tracking # but.... I just don't know how comfortable I feel with this overall. Am I being overly paranoid????? What would you all do?
  2. No, you are not being overly paranoid. Many sellers feel uncomfortable with zero feedback buyers. Check to see if the transaction will be "eligible" for seller protection. This appears on the Paypal transaction page once payment has been made. I'm not sure if you can determine this before she submits payment. Perhaps you can contact paypal. If the transaction is "ineligible" I probably wouldn't do it.
  3. No, you're being cautious.

    I wouldn't sell a high-price item to a zero-feedback, brand-new buyer unless she offered to pay with a Postal MO or any other scam-proof payment method.

    People often say that we all have to start somewhere, but for me that "somewhere" should be with a few lower priced items and building one's way up.

    Like Chanel, Balenciaga is one of those brands that attracts hardcore scammers, so I can't blame you for wanting to be extra careful.

    Bottom line: I think that "I just don't know how comfortable I feel" about the transaction means you don't feel comfortable with it. Follow your intuition.
  4. Thank you both. And yes, I usually do follow my intuition. She just seems so nice ;) I did offer for her to pay by e-transfer banking but obviously that doesn't give her any protection. She can at least rely on all the positive feedback I have but I really have nothing to go by at my end. If her account is non-verified I'm thinking it probably wouldn't be eligible and as you say, I wouldn't know until I'd accepted payment.
  5. Famous last words, heard many times in this forum - 'But they seemed so nice!'

    Seriously, protect yourself, it's better to be cautious than to have trouble down the line.

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    That is a tough spot to be in. You want to sell the bag, but understandably you are worried about the 0 FB buyer. And you can't actually ask them to pay by M.O. or bank transfer because Ebay doesn't allow sellers to offer that method of payment now. However, if she says can she pay another way, you can accept that offer. I have sold to 0 FB buyers and it worked out fine, but I was nervous as a cat. Esp. now with all the scammers on ebay, it's just a mine field selling an expensive bag these days. I would go with my gut on this one, but agree it's kind of dicey. Maybe there are other bidders that have more track record? If you decided to go ahead with this one, I would check eligibility for coverage on ebay/PP before deciding anything. Can you call them and find out or do they have to pay after winning the auction first?
    PS - FYI- to get a verified account in PP, you have to give them your bank info. PP deposits some small sums in your bank acct. and then they contact you and ask you to verify the amounts. Or at least that is how it worked when I set up mine 5 or 6 years ago. This used to take a few days or a week to get verified.
  7. Thanks mmmsc for explaining a bit more how verfied works. I don't think she would be then because I asked if her p/pal was set up by c/card or bank account and it's c/card. Also, this isn't through eBay but Bonanzle so therefore even less protection (I think??? correct me if I'm wrong) as a seller. As you say, I would be nervous as a cat until all the dust settled...

    It was a tempting offer but I'd rather have an unsold bag than no bag and no $$$...
  8. Ask her to pay by echeck maybe ?:shrugs:
  9. No, there's less protection for the buyer, but that also depends on the buyer's location. (Is she in the U.S.?) Nevertheless, if she uses a credit card, she could dispute the charge months after the transaction regardless of where she made the purchase.

    I, too, would rather have no sale than end up scammed.
  10. I can't get any clear answer on PayPal whether that would protect me from chargebacks or not. It would seem that it might but I just don't know :confused1:
  11. An echeck is like a regular check; it's just electronic vs. paper. The funds come from the bank account, not a cc.
  12. The quickest way to get "verified" is, as MMMSC stated, to add and confirm a bank account to the Paypal account. It should take less than a week for your potential buyer to get set up and there is no cost to her to do this. She can still have credit cards linked to her Paypal account and use those to pay the Paypal invoice if she prefers.
  13. I don´t know if it is the same in all countries, but I had my paypal account verified by confirming my credit card after I linked it. They charged my credit card with 1.5 euros. I then put the 4-digit code that appeared on my credit card statement (I actually did not wait to receive the statement to see it, I contacted the bank and they told me this two days after I did the procedure), and I was verified!! The amount they charged me, has been returned to my paypal balance.
    This took me two days only.
  14. I have the same experience as ginaki, I was being charge $3 though. But I noticed that my shipping address is still "unconfirmed".
  15. Your address being "unconfirmed" is different to being "verified"
    Only US, Canadian and UK PayPal users have "confirmed" PayPal address.
    I am PayPal verified but I still have "unconfirmed" PayPal Address since I am none of the above.