would you do anything?

  1. Hi! I'm pretty new here, long time readed and have a decent collection now I need to ask you ladies your opinion. I went in to the smaller of the 2 coach stores we have at the KOP mall (I know, so lucky!). They didn't have the bag I wanted to pre-order and I asked if they could look to see if the other store had it and she said they didn't - so I ordered it to have shipped to me. I ended up at the other store over the weekend to get another bag and they did have it and said they always had some.

    Would you say anything to the other coach store or should I just from now on shop at the other store? the other store has always been honest if they didn't have it and the other store did. I'm really kinda peeved simply b/c I'm worried about it shipping to me.
  2. Thats rude- sounds like she was desperate to make your sale. Personally, if I had been in that situation & was worried about shipping I would have bought it at the other boutique and returned the bag of the girl who lied to me when it arrived. But Im sure you will be fine with shipping (as long as the date you are worried about is the 25th). Just dont feel like youre forced to take the one you ordered, if in fact you really want it sooner.
  3. It should arrive OK, I wouldn't worry about that but I would be a bit irritated that the bag was indeed at the other store. How did she know they didn't have it? Did she call them? I guess if you haven't had problems with them in the past I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was an honest mistake. If you have more issues with that store or that SA then I'd say something to the manager.
  4. Did the SA actually call the other store, or just check on the computer? My SA told me that when they check the computer, it's not always accurate. When I was looking for the skull charm, my SA actually called stores to locate one for me. It's possible your SA just checked the computer and it may have shown that the bag wasn't at the other store.
  5. I don't know, she told me to go look around a bit more while she looked it up on the computer and called the store. I'd think with the amount of time she took, she may indeed not have called the store. Thanks for letting me know the computer may not be right.

    Thank you all so very much for your honest opinions and reassurance about shipping!! I'll take the advice of possibly a mistake in the computer and that she just was mistaken. It's very possible she was desperate for the sale - the smaller store doesn't do nearly as many sales.

    :heart: this forum, excellent advice. Thank you all! Happy Holidays!
  6. You know this happened to me at a bank once. I went to cash my paycheck and they said they could not do it because there system was down statewide. So I went to the bank in town and they said there system had never been down at all. I was upset and shut my account down.
  7. Usually what happens is you have someone who was either told something in error, and they pass the bad information on to you, or they don't really know and just make something up. I had a mall gift certificate, and wanted to turn it into a Coach gift certificate. So, I went up to the register, and told her exactly that. She said, "Oh, I don't think we can do that." Truth was, she didn't know how. We had to get another SA to show her how.

    At Nordstrom's, I went in and asked if they still had the gold box that was a gwp for Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume. The SA told me, "Oh, we never had those." So, DD said, yes, we were her on the opening weekend and you had them. She replies with, "I was here that whole weekend, and we didn't have them." Truth was, she apparently never saw them, and after she checked with another SA who told her yes, they did and sold out, she had to slink away with her tail between her legs because it was so obvious that she didn't know what the heck she was talking about.

    Right before the holidays they hire a lot of people who don't really know or care about what they're doing. Sometimes you have to cut them a little slack -- I usually don't mind them being uninformed, but if they're nasty on top of it, that's when I would complain.
  8. It is possible the SA from the Court called the Plaza and got someone who was either lacking knowledge or too busy to look.

    I find that when I am at the top of my game, I know alot more about the bags than some of the SA's.

    And it is also possible the person at the Court just checked on the computer.
  9. it's a shame, I went in the morning on Friday - hardly a soul at the mall (it was kinda weird).

    I'm over it and as long as my bag comes on time, I'll be happy - atleast they did it through fedex, they deliver in the morning when I'm home! :yahoo: