Would you date him?

  1. I recently through a friend met a great guy. We clicked really well, but he had a girlfriend. So, after we first meet, he asks for my phone number and I give it to him. We talk and see each other more. Today, he tells me he broke up with his girlfriend to see me. Would you date him? I mean, it seems kind of romantic but on the other hand what if he does this everytime he meets a new girl? :confused1:
  2. Date him casually?

    Sure. Why not? I'd give the guy a chance to see where it goes. I wouldn't let this one thing rule him out. Unless you know his complete dating history, it's not fair for him or you to declare him a "woman ditcher".

  3. Ok, that puts it in perspective. Thanks. :smile:
  4. I would be scared that the girl would go psycho and hunt me down? :confused1:
  5. :wtf: You;re scaring me.
  6. ^ seems like young girls can get crazy about these things these days... but it's probably a low probability

    i think it's up to you and sure no harm dating him casually. but i don't consider him breaking up with his gf romantic at all. my philosophy is that if he can do that to her, he can do that to you too.

    if he's a flake and loses interest in previous gfs or things easily, i'd be more wary. doesn't mean you can't date him but you should be aware of his tendencies.
  7. Jikes John....Are we dumpee's becoming that aggresive these days? Jeez.

    I'd just suggest not to invest too much into him at the beginning. Just be his friend, go out every once in a while...Feel him out :smile: Good luck with everything :heart:3
  8. I'd steer clear of this one....if he dumped his ex for you then he's likely to dump you when another girl comes along.

    Just my 2 cents.
  9. ^ I agree. I once had a guy dump his ex to date me. His ex called me, "banned" me from parties with mutual friends, etc. Six weeks later, he was trying to get back with his ex. I would steer clear. He sounds a little opportunistic for my tastes. I tend to go with the "If he did it to her, he'll do it to you" theory.

    Either 1) He and his ex had no problems but he just fell for you and gave her the boot or 2) He and his ex were having problems and he used his interest in you as an excuse to dump her. Neither option is particularly good.
  10. ugh no. i wouldnt date him... i wouldnt even give him my number.
  11. I'd be kinda casual and see where it goes. He could just as easily fall for you and you'll live happily ever after as he could use you as rebound girl and cut things off after a couple of months.

    Just take it slow.
  12. Thanks for the advice all. :smile: I'm just going to take it slow and see.
  13. How old is he? If he's in his 20s, chances are he's too immature to date.
  14. be casual..go on casual dates and so forth..if confidence doesn't build up..at least u can be friends with him (since it seems like you 2 will make good friends!)
  15. Geez! Generalize much?! I guess being 31, I just missed the cut off!