Would you convert?

  1. My friend recently broke up with her long time b/f because she would not convert for him. So, if you were in love, would you convert to another religion? :confused1:

    I'm not really too sure what I would do.
  2. I'm not even religious... and couldn't imagine to join any religion... agnosticism for me :yes:
  3. No way, I am not going to convert to Scientology like Katie Holmes and give birth in silence, LOL.

    I am Roman Catholic, my husband is (Anglican) Protestant so no for me.
  4. Not if I didn't believe what the religion believed...NOPE!
  5. I would have a civil marriage and not convert. My problem would have been with children because I really believe in baptism.
  6. I feel that if the love was so strong and you really couldnt live without each other, differences in religion wouldnt matter... My BF is Catholic and im Hindu, even though theyre very different, we live in a tolerant society where both religions could work and can even perform 2 wedding ceremonies, which is much more fun
  7. No. why would you convert to something you didn't believe in? I agree ^ you can have two ceremonies.
  8. I wouldn't convert. Nor would I expect him to convert for me. I agree with Kiss Me Deadly, if you really care about and love each other, you would find a way to make it work.
  9. I am Christian and although not terribly religious I would not want to convert to a religion that I do not believe in, I just couldn't do that, if someone loves you enough they wouldn't expect you to convert, I wouldn't expect anyone to convert or me
  10. Also, adding to my previous post.. if any more traditional family members have a problem with inter-religious/racial/sex marriages, then its their problem..

    you love your SO and you love your faith, so that tolerance and acceptance should be applied to circumstances such as this
  11. No, I would not convert. My belief in a God should be sufficient. Would your friend's bf rather her convert to his religion without embracing it?
  12. If they really loved one another they'd come to an agreement IMO. There is no need to change religion although it does play a big role in some families.

    I wouldn't convert because that is who makes me what I am, and the man I marry one day will accept me for who I am. I'd feel like I just gave up half of my life letting a man make me change my religion/beliefs.
  13. I agree with everyone who mentioned that if he really loved her, there would not be any pressure for her to convert to another religion.

    If my religious beliefs were set in stone or very deep, then I would not convert. But they are not, so I would probably would look into converting, if I really wanted to prevent a breakup in a relationship that I really wanted to keep.

    I think religion is so universal...different package, but essentially the same thing.
  14. No friggin' way.

    HOWEVER, I'm not a religious person and couldn't be in a serious relationship with someone that was. That may be narrow-minded, but I have issues with organized religion and would rather jump off a cliff than cave-in to an ultimatum that I change my beliefs for someone.

    I'm very culturally aware and active in my community in regards to Judaism, and I do consider myself Jewish, but not in a religious way. Religion is so personal...you shouldn't have to change your views about religion in order for someone to love you.
  15. He's not allowed to marry her if she doesn't. :sad: