would you consider this?

  1. buying a ralph lauren bag?
  2. Nope, but then I'm pretty picky. Do you have a picture of one you like?
  3. sure, if i liked it, why not?
  4. If it looked good, sure why not?
  5. here's the pix of the bag
    rl pouchette.jpg
  6. I think you would be very limited in your wardrobe with what you can pair up with that purse.....cute as it is....
  7. I think it's cute...the print is a bit hard to match though...maybe with a solid brown top?

    I love TJ Maxx [spotted the tag]...just discovered that they sell designer brands there...still regret passing up those 7FAM's and Uggs... :sad: But seriously good deals there!
  8. That's a cute bag. I have seen it before. For the price....why not? It's adorable.
  9. I would absolutely buy a Ralph Lauren bag...the Ricky!!!! I think the one you are eyeing is adorable, but not for me. I think you should buy it if you like it. I own lots of RL clothing and I think they're excellent quality.
  10. Buy, it! It is very cute!:tup:
  11. That picture isn't coming out so well. I have seen it at Marshall's, it's just different shades of brown, so I don't think it would be too limiting on your wardrobe choices. I think it is really cute.
  12. absolutely! however, after seeing the bag i once purchased full price weeks later at Marshall's, i'll probably stick to TJ Maxx and Marshall's for my RL bags if i do buy another.
  13. it actually has some pinks, cream/beige and browns to it. =) the rl logo is baby pink
  14. I think if you totally love something, you should go for it!
  15. If you love it go for it!