Would you consider this pristine?

  1. I bought this bag which was described as “pristine condition.”

    Would you describe this as pristine?

    This is a Balenciaga Velo.
    E9AC22C6-DC23-4D62-BDC9-F5B0C34B0D9A.jpeg 39F2F10F-FE83-4944-A5AE-8A8A6DD53129.jpeg
  2. I purchased a Balenciaga Velo that was described as pristine by the seller but it has these on the edges.

    Is this pristine, or is this wear?

    If this is wear, the seller said he used it <5 times. I have never had a new Balenciaga bag. Do they really develop wear that easily?
    Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.11.00 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.10.53 PM.png
  3. Judging by the first picture; no. The seller would get a message in two seconds...
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  4. Impossible to tell at this huge blowup whether the edge was like that when brand new or is a result of wear. Any change caused by usage clearly can't be "pristine." But if was actually produced like that, pristine would be accurate to describe "same as store fresh"--not everything sold off the shelf is absolutely without irregularities.

    Can you repost these pics at the actual scale? This vast enlargement isn't helpful to judge anything.
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  5. Found some small wear on the edges too.

    Bought this on the understanding that it is pristine. Should I return it?
  6. Pic
  7. Hey, I feel you... I 'm often too picky with my new bags but I guess, this is just normal, very light, wear. Maybe the seller used the bag more than five times. It would not bother me too much, but maybe you can contact the seller and ask about it.

    I can only speak of me: my Bals dont develop wear that easy, I carry them everywhere and they still look beautiful:love:
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  8. Yeah, because when the seller described it as "pristine condition", I expected pristine.

    I bought an older Balenciaga that was described as good condition, but the edges are perfect! I'm now wondering if it's the quality of the newer bags that's the problem. :/
  9. But if there are some scuffings, I expect to see that in the item description.

    These are actual pics actually closeup, not enlarged. I'll take some from a farther distance.
  10. They are definitely enlarged and not to scale. :smile: Scuffs are a different story
  11. Not sure I understand correctly - if enlarged, then it means I manually enlarged them? I took close up pics and uploaded the pics :smile:
  12. Ha! Maybe it's as Bill Clinton said, it depends on what the meaning of the word is, "is."

    Everyone has their own idea of the meaning of words like "excellent," "pristine," "mint." I'm often especially confused when sellers use the descriptor "pre-loved."

    When buying a used bag, the very best protection is many and diverse close and clear photos. That said, edge coating can show wear very easily on Bal bags.
  13. Can you see how big your finger looks here? Hold your actual finger up to the screen and see the difference: the pics aren't to scale. Anyway, Conni put it well.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 4.34.10 PM.png
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  14. Ok, I didn't enlarge the pic. Just took them close up. I'll take pictures farther from the bag.
  15. Additional pics
    DE635F2A-5CEA-4210-A9D8-E347BFDE2997.jpeg 47FFBD3F-E097-4E69-93C9-9745B83718F2.jpeg 2BEA498E-DB18-4B65-8880-EFEFCD970276.jpeg 99EBB29D-7659-4547-BF71-AE8F83F0BA52.jpeg