Would you consider these shoes SNAD or "worn twice" like seller claimed?


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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
I'm in a big conundrum with these shoes. I have wanted them for months and months and jumped at the chance to buy them when I found them on eBay because they are sold out everywhere.


The seller claimed they were worn twice. Upon receiving the shoes, I guess I'm a bit picky but they sure don't look worn twice to me. She also didn't reveal in her listing that they were resoled. They also have scuffing that wasn't disclosed.

It will be very hard to find another pair of these shoes. I am tempted to just take them to my shoe repair and have them cleaned up. But part of me is miffed because they were expensive. What does everyone think?

Here's a pic of the bottom of the soles:


Sep 6, 2006
wow that sucks. there's a lot of these popping up on eBay lately..I would wait it out..and return those unless she makes it worth your while.

I mean technically twice could be truthful if she wore them to bed, to work, to shower, etc etc and never took them off..except twice within months of wear.

or if she went hiking in yosemite with them!


Jul 4, 2006
If they needed to be resoled that's not worn twice or gently worn as she states. I wouldn't be happy with them for the price given how much info was left out. The amount I am willing to pay is based on the condition and from that I don't think they were correctly described.

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May 24, 2008
LOL.. did those re-soled shoes step on GUM? What IS THAT on the bottom of that heel??????????????


Nov 3, 2008
Don't some people get all of their high end shoes re-soled in order to make them last longer? I don't think the re-soleing (sp?) is an indication of the number of times the shoe has been worn.

The marks that would bug me the most are the black areas on the part of the sole that never touches the ground -- but it looks like the seller did show a photo of that, so I can't fault them too much there. (And maybe your shoe guy can clean that up.)

Hrrmmm, this is a tough one, and I did see your other post where you felt unsure about how well they fit your feet. But it sounds like you're leaning toward keeping them. I guess if it were me, I would keep them and still watch eBay for another pair in a better size. You can always sell these at a later point should you find a replacement.


Dec 27, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
I don't think you are picky at all. If I paid that much, I would def. contact the seller for the resoled issue. I don't understand people who sell shoes with those nasty stuffs on. But it all comes down to what you want to do. Do you rather clean and keep them? How about the condition of the insole?


Apr 10, 2006
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LOL.. did those re-soled shoes step on GUM? What IS THAT on the bottom of that heel??????????????
It sure looks like gum! Where did she wear them twice to.. the local landfill?? The fact that she doesn't show that spot in her pictures anywhere is a big no-no.

I'd SNAD but if you really want to keep them and just have them repaired you might ask her to refund part of the money.


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Nov 6, 2007
Hong Kong
Definitely not worn twice from the conditionof the soles. I fyou really really really love the shoes, I would ask for a partial refund and bring them to my cobbler and have it restore back to perfect condition!


Apr 7, 2009
Gum would definitely bother me more than anything else, I mean she didn't even bother at least to try to remove it before sending them your way? And I don't understand why the area that never touches the ground became blackened. You paid a lot of money for them, but sounds like you really want them too. I think you can def file SNAD though.

I do resole some of the shoes before I wear them too, well except for my CLs.


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Jun 11, 2007
i usually resole my shoes before they hit the ground...but i stopped doing it now..i started to wait.
looking at the bottom...they kind of look bad. try to see the wear of the sole...do they look bad - match to 2 wears? may be she just wore them for a very long time the both times she wore them. if you don't feel like wearing them, i say return them.


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
They have been resoled, so they are not in their original condition, so as that wasn't revealed they're SNAD.

One can just see it in the auction pics, now one knows what to look for, but it should have been clearly pictured and mentioned in the text.

The fact that they've been resoled, along with the rest of the condition, suggests that they've been worn more than twice, to me, too; so that's SNAD condition, as well (although, I do know that some people resole before use, in the case of leather soled shoes).

If you've been looking for them for ages, try asking for a partial refund - the seller doesn't have to give you one, but may well prefer to, rather than having to accept a return and relist them.

BTW, I'm wondering if the blackening is mould/mildew? Maybe she wore them in the rain and then put them back in their plastic bags (which is a BIG no-no!) before they were completely dry (which can take many days, if not weeks!)?

You should never store leather goods in plastic bags, anyway, because any humidity in the air (or that comes out of the leather) gets trapped and the plastic can also, sometimes, adhere to the leather! :wtf:
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Mar 22, 2006
Devon UK
those soles are gross, i would def be opening a snad ! in her description she states NIB , surely that means new in box ?
new in box yet worn "twice" (my arse) pah !
Jul 7, 2009
maybe the black markings on the area where it shouldn't touch the ground are from her proping them up on something. I know when I'm on barstools I sometimes rest that area on the cross rail on the legs of the stool. I'm big on propping my feet up and we have these black rubber ergo foot rests at work so maybe its transfer from something like that.