would you consider purchasing a used designer bag?

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Would you consider purchasing a used designer bag?

  1. Would never own a used bag.

  2. Don't own a used bag but would consider it.

  3. Bought a used bag previously.

  4. Primarily only buy used bags.

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  1. How many of you have purchased or would consider purchasing a used designer bag? I purchased one recently, but I love the rush of actually going to the store and picking it out.
  2. Generally, I would say no. I like my bags to be new. It just feels better to me. The only exception would be if the bag was discontinued. In that case, I would consider buying used.
  3. I think everyone prefers a new bag. However, if you can buy a bag that looks new and pay several hundred dollars less for it, why not? I bought a bag on eBay that I honestly cannot tell was used and only paid about 20% of what it would have cost retail. You just have to be careful that it is not more "used" than you find acceptable.
  4. most of my bags are previously owned LOL
    i prefer to buy a used bag so i can have more than buying a new one but can only have few :p
  5. I bought my first previously owned bag this year, and now I have about 5.
  6. I bought a Marc Jacobs used bag from someone here on TPF last year. It came in perfect condition, and I got a good rush once the postman came with it.

  7. Some of my bags are previously owned. And it doesn't bother me. If I can get a bag that costs $2000 for $1100 and it looks brand spankin' new, then I can spend that money I saved on something else. Plus you have to love eBay for bags that are no longer made, that you have just get!
  8. i actually would not buy a used bag. i rarely buy bags outside of retail stores/authorized sellers/outlet stores because i want to be sure the bag i'm getting is authentic...
    as a designer, i am not a supporter of copies...:tdown:
    (it helps too, because when i find a bag i really really love (which usually means i can't afford it! hehe), i have no problem buying it because i'm not falling in love all the time!)
    i do...understand wanting to buy used bags because stores no longer carry them. i really really want a gray balenciaga city, but the only way would be to get a used one, but i would be devastated if i bought a fake one!
  9. I've bought a couple of pre-owned bags. I always get them authenticated on the forums here, check them out thoroughly, and only buy from reputable sellers, be they eBay or a consignment store that specializes in designer bags. I agree that if I can save a substantial amount for an authentic bag or get something that's discontinued (e.g., the Balenciaga Purse style), it's totally worth it. I agree that it's not worth the risk for a couple hundred dollars on a bag that's still available new, though.
  10. I've bought used bags before but they have to be gently used & I'll only buy it if it's 50% off what I'd pay for retail price.
  11. I own several previously owned designer bags & I'm definately planning to get some more if a good deal comes up!
  12. I have never bought a used bag before, but would consider it if the bag I wanted was not available in stores anymore and it was in mint condition : )
  13. I have purchased pre-owned bags before. Some of them have been barely used and I've gotten a great deal, but a couple have been very used and I was very disappointed. Now I'm much more careful about who I buy from.
  14. I guess I'm in the minority, but I don't see what the big deal is about buying a used bag. Especially when you're talking about some of the more expensive designers, why plunk down $2K+ for a bag when you've never carried anything like it before?

    By being careful and buying nicely used items, I'm able to afford bags that I can't/won't pay retail for. I also tend to like discontinued styles.

    Besides, some bags are better pre-loved, such as Balenciagas. Once they've been broken in, they're amazingly smooshy. I'll let someone else take the retail hit and break in a bag for me and scoop it up at 50-75% of retail price!
  15. I have purchased several used bags and find that if I do the research, I can get a good deal on a bag I want without spending what an identical new one costs. This allows me to buy more bags!!