Would you consider buying a townhouse like this one?

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  1. 404 page not found error. :sad:
  2. Yep - page not found - but please post some pics! I'm so excited that there's finally an Aussie house on tPF!
  3. It is not available at the moment. Hope it is up soon!
  4. Do you have any specific reasons to look for a townhome? We chose a townhome because we still get plenty of square footage but not all of the extra rooms of a large home because they would just be unused space. We also love the idea of just being able to come home and relax, everything on the outside is taken care of.
  5. I'm the pinkest girliest girl ever, but on first impressions even I think that's a little much! It is really cute though.
  6. I tried to close this thread, but with no sucess. Please close this thread as the link was not working. Thanks.
  7. Ok that was a lil much!!! I think that those people were wayyyyyy to into roses! I would never buy that house simply for the fact that is so hard to look past the current deco!
  8. The link works now.

    If it was in a good location ,right price, why not?

    I don't get worked up over decorating, paint, carpet, any of it. It is all easily changed. If the place has "good bones" and other wise works for budget, location and the like, that is what concerns me.

    Are you looking to buy this place or was it just a hypothetical question?
  9. Well, I would have to consider the $$ I'd need to spend completely overhauling the decor. Not my taste...I need an insulin shot looking at all that frou frou.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Nice townhouse. Sickening decor. If it has right price, footage, amenities and neighborhood, go for it. Hope those roses come off easily if they are not painted on, geez.
  12. ^ Yeah, it is really kind of Barbie dream house to the max. Thankfully, most of that stuff would go w/ the former owner!
  13. While it is a little overwhelming at first, all those roses look "removable." It seems like they're all either stickers, silk flowers, or just rose-themed clutter. It's not that bad. I thought there was doing to be rose wall paper everywhere. Ugly wallpaper can be a huge issue, because you never know what you're going to find underneath:tdown:...