Would you consider abortion?


Would you consider abortion?

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  1. I'm just wondering with TPF members.. How many of you are pro's and con's? And WHY?
  2. Not for me, personally. I know a lot of ladies who have and who say that they are afraid to tell others in fear of being thought less of, which to me does not matter. That is too personal of a choice that I cannot make for anyone else.
  3. yes.. I would consider it, but I am VERY safe w/ my boyfriend.

    If I was raped, YES of course

    and if something was wrong w/ the baby, YES

    or if if was a harm to me

    but if I was just not careful.. no I wouldn't abort

    AND PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T PREACH TO ME... I've had SO many people do that and it's very aggravating! :smile:
  4. I'd consider it for the same reasons; ONLY if I were raped or there were health issues with the baby or I.
  5. It would of course depend on the individual circumstances. What a heartwrenching decision for the ones involved.
  6. Nope. It is a human life.
  7. While I do NOT condone using abortion as birthcontrol, in the end it is a personal, private decision for each individual and NO ONE should be allowed to interfere with that. No matter how a woman ends up preganant--rape, carelessness, whatever--she should not be forced to have a baby if she chooses not to.
  8. My SO and I have discussed this, as we don't want kids.

    I personally am committed to NEVER having to make this hard decision...I am on the Pill AND we use condoms.

    I also don't condone abortion as a form of birth control.

    However, I feel that it should always be a woman's right to choose.

    BTW--this thread would be so awesome if people share their opinions and don't get mad at other people's opinions...this is such a hot, controversial topic but I think it can be talked about as long as everyone respects (not necessarily agrees with) another person's view on it :smile:
  9. This question is not appropriate for this forum.
  10. ^^I don't see why the question isn't appropriate, this is a forum for us to all discuss our opinions no? Unless you mean the Health and Fitness forum, in which I agree with you that it may be better in General Discussion.

    Personally, I would consider an abortion but I really hope I'm never faced with the decision.
  11. Abortion is a social and legal issue that has been highly politicized (remember that every political issue has its roots in other realms), and the admin has come out and said they don't welcome political discussions.

  12. Same here.
  13. No
  14. I think it´s the woman´s right to choose. Honestly, this right has been voted decades ago for the women´s freedom, I really don´t understand why some people need to protest again and again, it should remain an individual choice.
    Abortion shouldn´t be used as a contraceptive solution, but an accident can happen to anyone. And I honestly prefer this than seeing an unwanted child come to life.....a child the mother wouldn´t be able to provide him a decent life.
  15. No.
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