Would you condition your Rebecca Minkoff? Help me pls!

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  1. I just got a great RM MA bag in Royal Blue today! Prob the last one out there... It was in the store for a while, so there are some scratches on the leather. Chanel once recommended Coach's leather cleaner and conditioner... Do you RM girls think it'd be okay to condition it a bit?? Thanks.
  2. i would do a test on the bottom of the bag. i'm assuming it should be fine. my only concern would be dulling the shine (i like that it's' kinda shiny).

    sorta related, i posted before about treating RM bags with rain/stain repellent (the spray stuff, not cleaners/conditioner) and most seem to NOT treat their bags, even though the card that comes with RM bags says "we recommend that your bag be treated with weatherproof protectant...". i purchased Apple Garde and will test when it arrives. i would also use Wilson's Leather spray based on the feedback from the posts.
  3. I put Lovin My Bags cream on my cream MA, no problems at all. Both the regular protectant and the For Handles Only.
  4. I use the Applegarde that the girls here recommend on my RM bags and it works great. I agree you should test it on a hidden spot first. Applegarde tends to bleed color sometimes. But it works very well!
  5. Do you mind elaborating on what you mean by bleeding the color? I bought Applegarde and used it on my butterscotch AC but the color isn't a true hue so I am sure it wouldn't mess with THAT but I was thinking about conditioning my bordeaux Botkier. Do you think it would mess up the color?
  6. I have used Coach Leather Cleaner and Lotion on all of my RM bags and had no problems. On the softer leathers, it has actually made them softer!
  7. I would check the leather that you are referring to. From my personal collection, I can tell you that my Dark Gray MAM does not need conditioning, nor have I conditioned it. It quite simply does not need it, as it is a smooth, slightly-glossed leather. On the other hand, my chocolate MA scratches all the time! Even if I simply and gently run my fingernail over the leather, there is a scratch remaining. It is a bag that not only needs conditioning but actually benefits from it as well. After a good conditioning, the Chocolate MA regains its luster, its softness, as it has been gently buffed of its scratches.

  8. What I mean is that it takes some of the color off the bag. Actually the first bag it did this with for me was a Botkier, so I think you should definitely be sure to patch test.

    You will be able to tell because if you put it on a tiny spot of the dyed leather of the bag (I usually do it on the inside of the bag in the spot where it is still leather, like on the inside of one of the outer botkier pockets at the top, or on the very bottom) if there is going to be a problem, not only will the color fade or run/bleed a little, but the dye of the bag will also come off on the towel you are using.

    On most of my bags, Applegarde has not done this, but it does do it once in awhile. I think it depends on how the bags are dyed or colored, so I personally suggest testing EVERY time.
  9. ^^^ thank you SO much. I'll definitely spot check.
  10. loveinmybags + Gung: How did you apply the conditioner/lotion. There are little scratches and i've scratched it too! So, I should definitely put lotion on it if it scratches?? THANKS
  11. I conditioned my MAM in blue. It was fine. I used Apple Care then sprayed it with Wilsons leather protectant.
  12. What about Satin Wash leather? i have the MA in Black Satin Wash and would be afraid to put any conditioner on it. Any recommendations?
  13. I conditioned my dark grey and didn't see any difference. Gung's right, it doesn't really need conditioning (yet). I just sprayed it with Appleguard Rain & Stain repellent and that worked great.