would you complain?

  1. I bought a bag on eBay, a Playground BV. It was advertised as used with no marks, rips, or tears. When I got it the bag had writing inside on one pocket with a BLACK sharpie. I thought that this should have been disclosed. Granted it didn't go though to the outside, but don't you think that is something that should be mentioned in an auction. The numbers are like 1/2in tall and about 3 inches long.
    What would you do?


    BV Original print
    BV Playground
    MM Cammo Black
    BV Foresta
    BV Citta
    MM Inferno
    MM Paradiso
    Carmella Adios
  2. I would be pretty pissed :shrugs: They probably got it cheap at some wholesale place or something. I don't know what I would do... do you like it otherwise?
  3. I would complain and ask why it was not disclosed as having these marks? It probably was bought from a wholesaler. I used to buy Dooney's on eBay and a lot of them were from wholesalers and the Dooney tag would be cut with a snip up the middle to prevent returns to retail outlets. Probably the same thing here. It was ALWAYS mentioned inthe auction that the nag had a snipped tag! (Of course they usually still sold for the same price as the unsnipped tags anyway)

    Maybe you can get a little money back?
  4. I was a little pissed that it wasn't disclosed, but it is a very nice bag, and I got it for under 100, which I thought was pretty good for a playground BV. I always look over everything before I sell it. The woman that sold it claimed she didn't know what I was talking about. I doubt the mailman opened it and wrote a code inside with marker..ARGH!! At least you don't see it unless you open the bag & look in the pocket, it is a very class bag otherwise..
  5. If you're happy I would just keep it. I think you got a good deal. Maybe you should leave her a neutral feedback though instead of positive. That's the kind of thing that it's meant for. It wasn't really negative, just not fully disclosed. Maybe she'll be more honest next time :shrugs:
  6. i would ask the seller for some kind of partial refund since it wasn't disclosed. if she can't do that, then I would ask for a full refund.
  7. I would ask the seller for some money back. If she/he refuses, then I would leave a neutral or negative. To me, this is bad selling practices, those marks should have been fully disclosed!!!
  8. I've gotten a Dooney like that before in the past(My mother bought alot of wholesale things for resale). I really didn't even think about it.

    I'd probably just keep the bag and either leave neutral feedback or positive with a note about the #s not mentioned in the description ;)
  9. Yeah maybe something like "Great Bag, Love it!! but... condition not fully disclosed".
  10. I would definately ask for a partial refund! Even if you got a great deal, the flaw should have been disclosed.
    Tell her you want a $20 refund or your money back.. her choice!
  11. I left the lady neutral feedback saying that the condition wasn't fully disclosed. So she left me neutral saying that since it didn't go though to the outside that I should be happy I got a good deal. People are just so shady these days. I found an original print BV on there that the guy advertised as a Citta. I asked him if he was sure on the name, and he said no he just picked a name that he thought it might be. I mean seriously look online and you'd know what the pattern is. What goofballs.

  12. So then apparently the seller knew the ink was on the inside of the bag if she knew it didn't go all the way through to the outside, huh?? She's such a LIAR!! What's her ID...I wanna make sure I dont' buy anything from her EVER!!

    I HATE ebay!!! There's a bunch of morons there...this is how I feel about ebay...:cursing: :mad: :rant: :censor: :rant: :lecture: :blah:
  13. since she left you a neutral and explained that you should be happy about a good deal, she freaken knew that it was there all along but did not mention it!!!! :cursing: argh~
  14. MEEEE TOOOOO!!! I just sold something and havent heard from the bidder in 4 days!!!! No contact nothing!! :cursing:
  15. That sucks! At least you got to leave neutral and warn others in the future ;)

    She really deserves negative now!!!