Would you choose Large Ultimate Soft or Classic Flap?

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  1. I am still obsessing over which Chanel to buy! Must have one!

    Last week I asked your opinions because I adore the black Expandable Ligne but thought it might not be as usable as the Jumbo Classic Flap. All of you resounded with a vote for the Classic Flap as being most versatile and classic bag of the two.

    Then, I saw another bag - the large Ultimate Soft in Black. This style (and the expandable) are more "me" than the Classic Flap. I don't see much on the forum about the Ultimate Soft bags.....my SA tells me the leather is durable. So, again, I'm asking for all of your opinions! Is the Large Ultimate Soft in Black a timeless bag that can make the transitions from day to night, casual to dressy and will the leather hold up over time? Any known problems?

    Thank you in advance ladies...I so appreciate all your opinions....I WILL have a Chanel!
  2. Hi, i completely understand you. I saw the Ultimate not too long ago and fell in loooove. I even went to go see it, and decided the medium one was the one for me. I think its excellent regarding it can transition from day to night, i feel like its a nice chic style. But given all the opinions these lovely ladies have given me, no matter how much you baby a lambskin purse, it will end up with marks and scratches. Thats just how it is :sad: Its kinda sad because that is the only hobo i see that brings my attention! I saw pictures of a lambskin purse used after a while, and it looked so wrinkly it scared me away. Still i love it, and think its beautiful. I would consider getting it later, as a occasional bag, but not as my main one, that i would plan to have for many years that would last. I would rather get a caviar one for main use, and get the ultimate later as like i said "occasional". HTH !! Good luck with your future purchase :smile:
  3. hmm... my personal taste would pick the classic flap hands down, but it sounds like you already know that the other slouchier styles are more "you".

    I think at the end of the day you don't have to like what everyone else likes and only you yourself knows which bag you would ultimately get the most use out of. I think that the jumbo classic flap would never ever go out of style, but if you find yourself way more attracted to the expandable or the ultimate soft then that is the bag for you. Cuz only a bag you love love love will be the one you reach for out of your closet all the time. There's no point in getting a classic flap and having it sit in the closet because it's not 'you' no matter how classic everyone else thinks it is... kwim?

    As always - I say - Follow your Heart and you seriously can't go wrong!!!
  4. I agree with "follow your heart" and you did say the ultimate soft was you. I have flaps and was drawn to the ultimate soft, the medium size. I don't own it but I love the look and feel of the purse. If they had had it in medium in a color other than beige, it would have come home.

    As of writing, it's "reasonably" priced. It also as you know is leather and at some point it will say to you, hey, I'm looking dull, so won't you please send me to the Chanel so I can sparkle again. Whether it's a flap or not, they all need a good cleaning, polishing, redying -- whatever magic they perform, it's worth it.

    Don't forget to post pics of you and your ultimate soft. (How's that for enabling?) :smile:
  5. if ultimate soft is what your heart set on, go for it! Don't carry something that will not make you smile from ear to ear, regardless what other people said. Besides it's a Chanel after all, can't go wrong with that :graucho:
  6. Thanks so much ladies! I am getting worried hearing about how the lambskin is so delicate but it is a beautiful purse....I'll let you know what I end up getting! If I had my way it would be the Expandable Ligne AND the Large Ultimate Soft AND the Classic Jumbo! All in black of course!!
  7. Ahhh same here. Looks like me and you are in the same situation! I really love the Ultimate, ive had people tell me its not worth it, some say go for it, thats its not so bad. I just dont want to get it, and regret it later if it starts looking messy. So i was leaning towards the medallion. But i still have the Ultimate on my mind! I guess we will have to see what we decide!
  8. Can't wait to see which one you pick! In my opinion, the classics will always be there, so if you like the ultimate soft so much, I'd go for it while you can! It is such a beautiful bag!
  9. Thats what i always say, but then again you never know how much the classics will be later, since the price increases are crazy!
  10. I am a lover of flaps though I love the US as well. That said, my SA told me the US is permenant and so it will be around. Given that the flaps just keep going up, I'd probably get that first if you want it. The price for the jumbo is already $2600+ so even if the US increases in a few months, it's still likely it will be less than the jumbo.
  11. Well, depends...

    If it's my first chanel, I'll go for a classic flap.
  12. IMO the ultimate soft is strictly a day bag, its a bit too unstructured too look dressy enough for dressier events. I much much much prefer the classic flap, but that's just me-- if the ultimate soft is the bag you just can't get out of your head, then you should get that, and save up for a classic flap later :yes:
  13. I'm a flap girl all the way, but you don't sound like you are. Go for what YOU love.
  14. this is hard to choose, they're both gorgeous bags! but since you said the ultimate soft if more you than I say go for it now and then get the classic later.:okay:
  15. I agree with nightshade, the ultimate soft seems to me to be a bit too unstructured to be a fancy (ie dressy/special occasion) evening bag. I've had both and I did love the medium flap while I owned it, but I was displeased with how little I could cram into it, and I'm definitely not a jumbo flap person.
    So I ended up going with my first Object of Lust and bought a medium ultimate soft. I can fit so much in it and it looks super cute with just about anything. I get soo many compliments on it. Last week I discovered a little scrape on the front of it and that made me pretty sad, but it's only noticeable to me. Considering how accident-prone I am, I'm surprised it's held up this well so far. I'm a bit more careful with it than I normally am with bags, but I'm not overly paranoid. It just goes with the territory of having a lambskin bag.
    In the end, I'm very glad I went with my gut instinct. Classic flaps will always be around and I'll get another at some point, but I'm happy with my ultimate soft.