Would you choose lambskin if you can't find caviar?

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  1. I have been looking for a caviar mini for ages but recently only black lambskin is available. I just need opinion on lambskin. I plan on wearing the bag crossbody, will it rub against jeans and cause issue to the back of the bag? How hard is it to look after lamb?

    Ultimately, will you choose lambskin instead because you cant find the bag in caviar? Thanks
  2. Oh, I choose lamb over caviar every time I shop in Chanel! Love, love, love lambskin! It's not that hard to look after. You are looking at black so there should be no color transfer issues to the bag.

    chasing my rainbow!
  3. Black lambskin isn't very hard to take care of. I have a black lambskin maxi and she's been through a lot but she looks pretty good! There are a few surface scratches but you can rub them out with your fingers. :] And color transfer from jeans shouldn't be a problem since it's black.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Though lambskin is not as hard wearing as caviar but using it daily should not be an issue right?
  5. It should be fine. :smile:

    chasing my rainbow!
  6. Lambskin looks and feels more luxurious than caviar to me! Black is not hard to take care of!
  7. I agree with all the above. Good luck!
  8. I prefer lambskin over caviar any day! It's just so much more luxurious to me.
  9. I agree with everyone above too. I prefer the look and feel of lambskin over caviar! :smile:
  10. I wouldn't choose lamb just cause i can't find caviar, i would choose lamb even if there is caviar, simple because the leather is just much more elegant. i'm not a fan of caviar. also lamb isn't as bad as many think, as long as you give her a little TLC, she should age gracefully
  11. I was in the same boat as you... and ended up getting a navy lambskin mini... i LOVE it! it looks so much more luxurious then caviar and it holds up much better than you think. I have a few tiny scratches on it due to use but you can not see it unless you are close up to it.

    There are a lot of how to care for lambskin threads on here and I got all these products for it but havent had to use it at all. I get compliments all the time on my mini and dont regret not waiting for a caviar.
  12. lambskin over caviar as well!
  13. lambskin gets my vote as well!! lambskin is the best in Chanel purses in my opinion, can't even compare to caviar, totally different beauties. once you own 1 lambskin you will just be in love and wants more of lamb in Chanel l! :smile:
  14. That's what happened to me! LOL:biggrin:
  15. I agree, I think you will be fine with black lambskin :smile: