Would you choose a Reissue 226 instead of the M/L Classic?

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  1. Pls. explain why...
  2. I definitely wouldn't choose a reissue over classic. I think the classics are prettier and retain their value better.
  3. I own both and have to say I use the Reissue more. It is the ultimate classic I think, and it is so understated and beautiful. It goes with practically everything and can take a beating. Plus I like the fact that not everyone knows it's Chanel, sort of makes it feel more exclusive to me. And lastly it can be worn crossbody which I love and it also holds a lot more than the M/L.
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  4. i own both, and reach for my 226 reissue pretty much every single time, over the m/l classic flap. i really have to downsize what i'm carrying when using the m/l flap! I use my m/l flap strictly as an evening bag due to its carrying capacity, but the 226 works for me both during the day and night.
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  5. I used to own both but only have a reissue now. I think it all depends on how you intend to use the bag and how it fits with lifestyle. With my work and lifestyle I am not comfortable carrying the classic flap around due to how recognizable it is and therefore I never used it. The reissue is much more incognito and holds a bit more so I just found myself reaching for it a lot more often. However if you plan to resell your bag I have noticed that the classic flaps retain their value much much better than reissue. My plan is to get as much use out of the reissue and not to resell it so I am ok with it!
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  6. Depends what's the purpose of the bag. As an everyday bag I'd pick the reissue. It holds more and has a longer chain so it can be worn crossbody. Also the metal chain when worn single strap feels more comfortable. If it's for evenings or dressy occasions I'd go with m/l. I'm only 5'3" so tucking in the chains on the 226 still makes it too big for me to tuck under my arm. If you can get the 225 then it'd be the best of both worlds!!
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  7. I also used to own both, but now have only reissues. They suit my lifestyle perfectly. As other posters have said, they're practical (you should see what I can fit into my 227!), understated, hard wearing - can be dressed up or dressed down. I don't see any bag as an investment so it doesn't matter to me whether the resale prices go up or down. As for the classic flaps, they're nice enough but don't come anywhere near the reissue which to me - with the history of the style - is the ultimate Chanel bag.
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  8. Having just made this choice, my first Chanel, I chose the Reissue. ( I did consider the boy but it did not hold enough)
    For the reasons given above, they are understated, hardwearing and stylish.
    Despite research in and thinking about it I just kinda fell for the bag though....the contrast burgundy lining in the reissue and the muted silver hardware sealed the deal for me.
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  9. Yes I would! For reasons; see above :smile:
  10. Yes I prefer 226 to ML. Had a ML and sold it. Didn't hold a lot and I disliked that I couldn't wear it cross body. Definitely prefer my 226 and 225 as practical and chic
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  11. ML- I sold almost all my reissues. While they are more functional than the ML they just seemed ordinary to me.
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  12. Exactly how I feel! I was cultivating a wish list a mile long of classic flaps, but nothing seemed QUITE right for me, and then I turned my sights to the reissue. DONE. I tried one on in the boutique, and EVEN MORE DONE. Everything else is off the wish list, and now all I want is one reissue. It's . . . perfect.
  13. I would choose the reissue as well. Now that I own a 226, I'm amazed how small the ML is and I'm not sure if I even want one, for the price. And as others have said the chain length is a lot better on the 226.
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  14. I actually did choose a reissue 226 over a m/l classic flap years ago, when I was gifted the m/l flap. I thought it was the bag I wanted, but when I held it for the first time, I couldn't get over how small it was! So DH and I went to the boutique to see what the other options were. Tried a Jumbo but it was too bulky and the strap was a little long to wear cross-body. The Reissue was like the Goldilocks bag, just right. I know some people. have to have the CC logo, but I prefer the understated look of the reissue. I also love the distressed calfskin -- it can go to a cocktail party, or exude a rocker-chic vibe. As others have said, the chain length is perfect for cross-body wear while the m/l chain is too short. And the 226 size is perfect for day-to-night -- large enough to hold everything I need (including sunglasses), but still small enough to be elegant.

    I also have a 227 which is great for when I need to carry more, but if I could have only one Chanel bag, the 226 reissue would be IT.
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  15. Hmmm...